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  1. Those ones are like trying to weld with mud compared to their true European machines... They're EWM machines pretty much do the welding for you - some of them let you arc weld up int 40cm deep water haha they're freaking sweet. However, be expecting to fork out 2.5k+ for a 160amp arc welder for one of those, and around 7-8k for a Tig that'll do ally XD - will seriously change your life and you'd never want to go back to a 'basic' machine again. PS When I say the cheaper 'value' range of their machines are Chinese, they're actually assembled all over Asia, but under BOC/ Linde Groups German eye - they're decent if you follow the warranty rules/ dont fiddle with them/ ACTUALLY service & maintain the machine properly.
  2. If you want a Basic MIG that you can't really fuck up: thats cheap - they're making like $60 selling you those hahah. IF you want a multi function machine ( ie mig + tig + arc ) get the Multi 175 process also on sale - however, don't be a noob and fall for the fact it can apparently weld aluminium, as BOC is a loud of shit and it ain't worth the frustration / stress / potential throwing the machine through someone's window to set up the mig for 1-2mm alloy. - Both of these will weld up to 6mm comfortably - they will do thicker stuff, but your duty cycle drops horrendously. The migs in both of those are effectively the same, you just get a slightly cheaper torch with the multi process ( well use too ) the tig torch is less than average but usable. Reg's are included etc. These are Chinese machines, but hey. For a homer garage, they're sweet. I've sold 100's of those when I was working at BOC and bugger all came back. HOWEVER if you want to TIG I couldn't recommend this machine more: Now, if you go into BOC and ask for this - get them to throw in the footpedal for free. ALSO haggle the fuck out of it and say that your uncles cousins sister bought one at XMas time for $1100-1200 + GST and they'll knock down the price hahah. THESE ARE AN AMAZING VALUE FOR MONEY. We have one at my new work, and I was always under the mindset that anything about 4mm thick alloy they were utter shit. I'm now welding 12-16mm thick alloy plates to 8-10mm thick alloy housings for starter motors and what not. SURE I wouldn't weld with those thicknesses all day, but it can definetly weld thicker than they say. And if you really want the mac daddy mig ask about the 275C mig welder, and literally just beat the sh it out of the price. They were selling those late last year for $1200+ GST. OH, and if you want a hook up on how to get cheaper rental bottles for argon from them, flick me a message.
  3. YOu want to tig? or mig? or you want a multifunction welder? You want to do strictly stainless/ steel? OR want Alloy as well? If tig, you want a foot pedal? If mig, do you want a full sized machine for the big spools / massive thickness? Or do you want something more portable? Whats your budget?
  4. I havn't updated this for a long time... Alot has changed... So the SR20 is running - slowly getting better, still isn't as great as I thought it would be ( slower than the 16V 4A i've got in TE31 ) Did some extremely hori wiring up of some fans before the Annual Nostalgic meet. Brendan at niteparts installed the Tomei 270 procams I bought, and uprated valve springs. Runs a Go fast bits light weight underdriven crank pulley and now it isn't running so rich that its fouling and stuffing spark plugs in less than 100k's... Had my wheels pulled off, stripped and powder coated again. Have ground down my cam cover and am going to shock blast it at work... Am trying to retrofit a spoiler from the 80's onto it, not having much luck at the moment, have tried S13 and 86 ones... They could be used - but would have to cut up so much of the AE86 spoiler it wouldn't be worth my time... Still got a lightweight flywheel ( weighs 5kg ) to install, and have started...
  5. ^ lol..... I don't think there is any other word to describe the last two post...
  6. PLUS YOU'VE got to have a licence... Might be worth it if you could buy heaps and then on sell somehow?
  7. If you were getting NOS from us at BOC for $600 you were getting a sweet deal... Just looked it up for you ( you will need a license to buy from us - ie a legit workshop etc ) $2051 + GST. That's for a "G" size cylinder which is our large ones... there is a chap over in East Tamaki that does fills ( he buy's our cylinders and then fills smaller ones for bikes etc ) that might be the best way about it, as obviously you'd be charged for rental on that G which is over $20 a month as well.
  8. bit of a bump... Got wiring left to go, general tidy up ( scrape off the stupid plastidip ) decide on a wheel colour and get powdercoated + start playing around with the fibreglass pieces and ae92 bumper. Trying to decide on a colour to dye the TA63 celica seats as well either thinking grey or black to suit door cards..
  9. I thought I might update this... So the car got pink stickered around august 2014, for the guards rubbing into the rear tyres... So its pretty much been sitting around since then. I've managed to go through a few different setups for it, including a 20V with SamQ rwd kit + coil on plugs, now a SR20DE on twin sidedrafts. Basically, i've had the lower control arms cut and welded so I can get the camber somewhere towards the factory settings. Wrecked a Ka67 carina wagon, which had a mint uncracked dash and a few other bits and pieces I used. Wrecked a TA63 Celica hatch and notch, pilfered parts including the turbo front seats, the bigger front sway bar. Removed the electric fender mirrors and sold to Nathan on here. Had some springs made up for the rear end, hilux shocks modded and fitted. Adjustable pan hard rod made up. Full new exhaust. Had a driveshaft loop made up, Radiator mounts, Engine mounts and gearbox crossmember and a driveshaft made up. The SR20DE is out of a S14 with 40mm dellorto's which came out of a escort rally car, the carb's came with the ignition and fuel setup/ some groovy extractors. I also bought a spoiler off of Sheepers months ago to try cut and lengthen as a basis. I've also chucked on some BR's which are 15x9 -20 offset, and a 15x8 0 offset. I've recently just bought some "wide body" rear flares which i'll also attempt to mod and make fit. I'm hoping all this with the corolla bumper should make it look a tad tough, plus with dort dort dort noises shortly, it should be interesting...
  10. Finally got a discussion, so discuss shit. I don't know what I really want from the car at the moment. Aside from a semi reliable daily. So will be getting cert when I get around to it and fix some rusty stuffs on it. And the new motor. And a few other bits and bobs. Shout us your idea's and shit.
  11. Looking a bit low at the moment :/ Got the rears sussed out. Got to 'relow' the front another 25mm so its even (95mm all around) Not sure if I'm Gay Dee EM yet, but these should help:
  12. Ae85/6 in the garage for sale? Hahahahhaha. I do like the twin headlights...
  13. Small update: Got the front coilovers in. Thats currently at its highest setting, and thats the most positive camber I can get :/ Rides like utter shit at the moment, re doing the rears - again as I had trouble with wheels fitting in the rear guards for wednesdays meet hopefully... Pity I won't have my ducktale on it for then either Oh and got me a nice red Sparco reclinable, just to match the outside. (The seat is old, dirty and worse for where so it matches the outside perfectly)
  14. Have made little to no progress... Been broke due to no student allowance at the moment... Have bought a few little niceties for this. Including: Full set of Teins. $65 - getting them rebuilt then changed to suit my Carina eventually. [/url] ANNNNND Because the old 3AU is a sack of shit and struggles to get my fat ass up hills. We've agreed and paying off this 4AGE 16V until my new engine is built XD [/url] $700. With a K50, A series box + clutch setup. With some spare parts. But mainly because its a GZE bottom end, ( been rebuilt ) 16V bigport head ( Been rebuilt ) with receipts and HKS Jasma extractors... Contemplating running twin carbs so I don't have to bother about wiring/ ECU troubles... But will definitely get a lightened flywheel so I can ring it out on teh streets with my 4.8:1 T series head...
  15. Heey guys, So I needed a daily whilst my V8 is being built due to me selling off all my cars haha. Anywho, Picked up this Carina off trademe. Was on there for a little while... An old guy that worked at Mainfeild teaching students to race cars/ build em? Had it. UCOL or something. We left Auckland at 2am Saturday morning to go get it, thinking it was wof and reg'd it would be sweeeeeet to drive home. However when we got to Fielding, we discovered the waterpump had F#^ked itself from sitting in storage. So from Fielding to Auckland was a long drive. Constantly overheating. Constantly spitting out water. We ended up plugging up the waterpump to get it home from Matamata. So its now just sitting on some flipped meshies I had. My good wheels are staying on my TE31 XD How it is now: Was on shitty little steelies that made it float more than a boat. PROS: Toyota buggered up plates, so it says its a 2L. Electronic dash. Decent brakes. New waterpump. Cheap to run BLOODY MASSIVE IN SIDE! AMOUNT OF TOOLS I CAN GET IN IS RIDICULOUS CONS: ​​​Shocks are routed. Waterpump F%$ked. Now fixed. Radiator 99% blocked NO Radio. Severly cracked dash. Some really dodgy looking repairs made. A wee bit of rust in bottom of guards. ​PLANS: LOOWER FROM 4x4 spec to something decent. HALF DONE Replace 3.9:1 diff CHECK. 4.8:1 in there. New front reclinables Front brake upgrade - to the celica vented. CHECK Fix rust. Tinted windows Chuck on my Sexy Japanese lady gearstick from Nathan in Hamilton CHECK. Adapt an AE86 notch back TRD ducktale to fit.