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  1. Ive never understood the point of fitting a switch when its less work just to replace the thermo switch. I all ways carried a piece of wire with a male spade terminal crimped on each end. It could be used for the fuel pump relay or thermo switch
  2. Supercharge and turbo the 1.3. 1.8ts and 16vs are a waste of time. If you are going to do an engine swap do a vr6
  3. Sounds like there could be a short in the sensor or wiring. Have you tried the sensor in another car?
  4. Have you checked all wiring back to the ecu with a multimeter? Could be a broken wire somewhere
  5. You can tune your own ECU like a stand alone, there are quite a lot of maps to change, I cheated and download a tuned file
  6. Its just a matter of flashing on the retuned file onto the ECU. This can be done over the diagnostic port. I haven't run mine on the dyno yet but it will leave a vr6 behind. I just have a retuned ECU and 2.5" straight pipe exhaust. The only reliability issue is the clutch and front tyres