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  1. Just use 95/98. 10:5:1 isnt that high compression ratio
  2. I quite like the rf, my brother had a 900, went hard for what it was
  3. When I bought my 110 it had an isuzu c230 engine fitted, cleared everything, could be an option if you are wanting another diesel. Also have seen 200tdi engines fitted, they pretty much bolt up, people run them without the turbo as well
  4. I bought another discovery on the weekend and it has a couple of rrc ross styles on it with 7.5r16 tyres, one looks near new cant remember what the other is like
  5. Ive never understood the point of fitting a switch when its less work just to replace the thermo switch. I all ways carried a piece of wire with a male spade terminal crimped on each end. It could be used for the fuel pump relay or thermo switch
  6. Supercharge and turbo the 1.3. 1.8ts and 16vs are a waste of time. If you are going to do an engine swap do a vr6
  7. Sounds like there could be a short in the sensor or wiring. Have you tried the sensor in another car?
  8. Have you checked all wiring back to the ecu with a multimeter? Could be a broken wire somewhere
  9. You can tune your own ECU like a stand alone, there are quite a lot of maps to change, I cheated and download a tuned file
  10. Its just a matter of flashing on the retuned file onto the ECU. This can be done over the diagnostic port. I haven't run mine on the dyno yet but it will leave a vr6 behind. I just have a retuned ECU and 2.5" straight pipe exhaust. The only reliability issue is the clutch and front tyres