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  1. Not a lot to update. Got all my doors painted, so now just got the body and engine bay to do. Also got the new wheel bearings and brake rotors installed. Also notice when I drained the motor, about 7 litres of oil mixed with petrol came out of the sump. I'm guessing that's why it was smoking so much. Need to find out where all the petrol has come from
  2. Had some nice weather here, so got some of the panels painted. Iv decided to go gloss white. It will suit the more original look im after. Everything car related iv done is all just self taught over the years. Always trying to improve and get better. Restoring cars is just a hobby of mine.
  3. Got the repair kit and also new brake pads. Painted all the caliper bits while it was apart. Much better looking and work like they should. Now just waiting on a pair of new disc rotors.
  4. Also found some factory ke30 struts. The brakes were seized up and the wheel bearing arnt so good. I pulled the calipers apart and gave them a overhaul. Got a repair kit for them. Bored were good and piston and slide pins were still good.
  5. Been wet sanding all the panels today, they are all basically ready for paint. Still have to panel and do some rust work on the body.
  6. So I tried putting some 13" wheels on and they didn't fit. Could only fit 14" wheels on. I knew the struts were not factory though, as the discs and calipers on it now are a lot bigger and the rotors are vented. Done some research and pretty sure there off mx71 cressida. I have to find some factory ke30 ones back in though as I want to out it on 13" wheels
  7. Was away all weekend so didn't get anything done on the corolla. Some things turned up, got new front and rear windscreen runners, and some 13" white walls. I need to find some 13" wheels, just going for a factory look
  8. Project discussion for my current project i have going on
  9. So, been busy the last few days, got the doors, guards, boot and bonnet paneled and primed. Now I need to move on to the body. Then get it all painted and move on to the more exciting stuff. I'm on the hunt for another 4k or 3k motor. I'm going to pull down the current motor and inspect the bores, possible get away with putting a new set of rings in it, but don't have high hopes.
  10. Started stripping out the car today. Insides of the doors look good, no nasty rust hiding away in the bottoms as they usually do. Had to replace both bottoms of the gaurds , and the inside of the boot lid. And started doing panel work on the gaurds boot and Bonnet. Also removed the bolt on flares , as they aren't my cup of tea.
  11. Project discussion: I thought I'd start a build thread on the recently purchased Ke30 Corolla I have just purchased. I'm off work at the moment so am going to try and restore it back to original condition within a month. The car is in pretty.good condition, has minimal rust in it , but the 4k motor is stuffed. I will just be putting back in a 3k or 4k motor. Interior is a bit old, no carpet and seats are ripped up. I will be doing all the work myself, panel and paint, engine work, re upolstry, the lot. I will keep up regular updates if anyone is even interested in it. Here's a picture of it as is
  12. Hey man , where Did you get your LC-1 wide and from?
  13. Hey mate Iv got another whole spare car sitting , you still after some?