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  1. kfc is down hill from our place so I don't even need to start it to get there!
  2. Soaking in oil/atf? It was not smoking like it was running rich. Not much smoke at all. It also explains why it wasn't happy when it was warm
  3. I borrowed a compression tester and confirmed my gut feeling Front rotor I slowed the second vid (rear rotor) Anyone want to buy a van? lol This has gone waay down the project priority list now
  4. Here is a link to the injector plugs I'm pretty sure someone else on here recommended them.
  5. I initially went out to the garage to pull the injectors out so I can get them cleaned at some point, as usual I got carried away and decided the loom needed some attention as well. The injector plugs were shit and falling apart, as was the tape holding the loom together. Only the cheapest finest aliexpress injector plugs and tesa tape will do. There is nothing like a relaxing few hours playing with wiring.... (I do actually enjoy it) @yoeddynz Very kindly loaned me his copy of the factory wiring diagram so I was able to identify which injector plug was which. I owe you a beer or three for that! You can see the general shitness of the tape and plugs there Like any barry instead of doing it properly and replacing the plug and wiring I patched it up with more wire and a few layers of heat shrink That was the state of the plugs. The mazda pins clicked nicely into the aliexpress connectors too which was good. only one needed to be cut off as the wire had a few splits in the insulation which I wanted to heat shrink Man barrel crimps are so satisfying when you get them right, from a distance you can pretend they came from the factory. After I replaced the plugs, identified the injectors and partially taped them up The worst bits of the loom have been repaired and I'm happy enough with it. Eventually I'll completely redo the loom as lots of the insulation is getting a bit hard/brittle
  6. My aliexpress hei modules turned up. I ordered a couple so I have a spare. I pulled the module off the injected 202 dizzy I had and re crimped some plugs to suit the hei module. It should work the same as the original module and when I eventually get the megasquirt I'll just wire up the 4 pin plug and will have everything I need. I will need to cut a piece of aluminium to act as a heat sink/adapter for the hei module as its slightly larger then the original
  7. shit news! Good luck and I hope the insurance don't dick you
  8. Sweet thanks. Saves me some wiring
  9. just brainstorming/making a start on the list of stuff I want to do no order yet regass aircon vsr/2nd battery extra interior lights/leds and wire off 2nd battery clean/polish/wax everything diagnose/repair oil pressure gauge coolant/trans fluid replacement. oh and oil+filter reverse/work light for the back/side pedo spec tints figure out how the cruise control works slightly less shit speakers in the doors and replace the 6x9 in the back. possibly mount the head under the passengers seat so I don't chop the dash up and ruin it, while i'm there wire it up to the 'house battery' so can listen to music/leave shit on and not worry about not starting. Figure out where the long earth cable is meant to do double check voltdrop/earths on motor as its slow to crank sometimes. (and test battery)
  10. archers can re make a leaf for me. I think I'll drop both leaf packs off to them so they can give them a once over. Any tips for realigning the diff when it goes back in? I'll wait until I actually have some spare $$ before I take the springs out. I had a quick look at the drivers side headlight and the adjuster is stripped. I've ordered some from rock as they were cheap. I found a pdf of a tilt column rebuild and it says allow a day, with my current mental abilities I think I'll pass on that for now. I'll wait until I can think/concentrate for longer before i attempt that. I'll have to write a list and prioritize what I want to do as I'm very scatterbrained at the moment and can't seem to choose a task to do/keep jumping from task to task. The joys of head injuries. From what I have seen so far for compliance I need to sort the leaf springs, test/fix the windscreen washers, align/replace headlights, bleed the brakes and possibly a high stop? I heard/read the rules were changing about pre 89 high stops? Can anyone confirm/deny
  11. Archers said they can have a look and make a replacement spring, I'll probably pull both leaves out at some point and they can check both. I'll leave this here so here os I find it later. Headlights h4 semi sealeds because the current ones are a bit shit and if a bulb blows you can nearly always find a H4. One of the adjusters has a stripped thread so its pointing at the ground
  12. My research shows that the front spindles are the same. The leaves are possibly different with all the options heavy duty etc. I'll give them a bell thanks
  13. Yes they are. There was a shit load of tools etc in it and the guy was a mason I believe so probably would of loaded it up
  14. That's who I was thinking about but forgot the name of. My g20 apparently is the same suspension as the c10 so they should have stuff
  15. the only part the engine oil cant reach! back on topic. The progress looks great man! just keep it in the garage this time