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  1. Makita the front and leave something in the boot
  2. Haha this popped up non my YouTube recommend videos According to that this one is a minter. Here missed a vital test though. Will it do a skid
  3. You spelt drill port wrong man. We got it starting nicely Saturday and on Sunday we had to kill the fuel pump to get it to start. As per the video
  4. Suck through styz? Gotta be a 4 barrel mate
  5. So is the one I pulled out haha. My plans are to get it to a semi road legal state then megasquirt it. It's cool that it's factory but in reality it's a pretty primitive ecu and they are notorious for flooding in stock form. And I want to play with a megasquirt
  6. Oh awesome thanks heaps! Pm incoming. I can't really afford it but it when else will I get a chance to own a rotary. It's pretty cool working on it, everything mechanical is pretty easy to get to, wiring is typical 80s/early 90s hard to reach but it's not horrible. The alloy control arms are lush too. I think it's all a novelty a because rotary and b because I'm used to playing with 'lower' end of the market vehicles or commercial spec
  7. We found a box with some home made circuit board in it and wondered wtf it was. No idea how I found it but turns out it's a fuel cut defender. I don't quite understand the reasoning of them. They say fuel cut can make you go lean which detonates & damages apex seals etc. So you make a device that tells the ecu it has less boost and it then will be running lean causing the same problem... Can anyone elaborate on that? Here is a link for the write up on making your own for series 4 rx
  8. That'd be great but I'll wait until the car is up in Auckland
  9. Don't tempt me. I'd like to but realistically it needs a birthday and lots of stuff double checked and/or replaced. No point in breaking stuff imo
  10. Well said. I want to thank you again for helping & a bed to borrow & sharns etc. So good
  11. Bring a diff mount, bolts and nuts for drive shaft and rear cvs and ill think about it
  12. He moved the other tang and put oil in the van. I found the remnants of a bag of weed in the glove box too, I found a farm rego label in the glovebox from 2010
  13. I can't be in two places at once haha All video related complaints can be directed to joe
  14. Yeah they ideally need a proper clean & test. When I get it to Auckland I'll pull then out again Of scans of wiring diagrams would be great please and thank you I got a picture of the radio for you too
  15. We tidied the engine plumbing and it didn't start. Plugs were dry.... Turns I put the fuel lines on wrong. Fixed that and it ran again. We started to diagnose why it wouldn't turn off. In the process I swapped some plugs and we wasted two hours wondering why nothing worked. Checked the drive shaft and rear cvs 3 out of 4 bolts ain't bad. Drove it out and went to fill the gearbox and it was full I have to remember not to let off the starter too soon