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  1. Fucking pine this is me right now. so good oh my
  2. I drive past the vinegar hill sign on the way home from wellington on saturday and it's not that bigger drive from Auckland Now I'm annoyed I didn't come this year.
  3. Would you be able to make a rough 1:1 cardboard template of the mounting holes/ measure motor dimensions up and forward ect and post it up to me man? Keen as to see how much of FR needs chopped to fit one <3
  4. That is one lush piece of machinery there matey!
  5. What pitch is the sprocket/chain?
  6. Nah, rear suspensions different
  7. YESSS!!!!! So sweet man!
  8. Both my FAs did that Solved one with a rebuild of crab, (new needle and seat) and still haven't got around to the other one Small wheel FA with max slam would look lush imo. Might change my plans for my glitter FA and look for late model motor/small wheels now
  9. Are you going to run a small wheel up front as well?
  10. I hardtailed my scooter with some sweet metal struts Lasted a day. Too uncomfortable/unforgiving Ended up shorter and stiffer shocks. sits Lower than standard when on stand, and at same height as it was with hard tail struts with me on it. So much lusher Also, sweet whip chees. Can't wait to see plans unfold
  11. I have a VW NEAL PLZ LETS DO THIS COVER! Also can you pull over my panel van plz
  12. C50 vs FR50 vs v50 Come to AKL.... it's slightly urban......
  13. North island Scooter nats Anyone got a paddock?
  14. Nah, scooters are gay. Man living the dream! Sweet whips
  15. After commuting to and from work on my FA50 and having a few close calls with angry drivers who seem to think that because of the size of it (irrespective of the fact that im doing 50 kmh in a 50kmh zone and the number plate on the back), that they need to be infront of me at all times and have almost had elbows clipped by mirrors ect even when riding right in the center of the lane. I decided I wanted a larger small bike. Something up to a max of 150cc, it HAD to be two stroke and have a full tube style frame with a downtube and wire spoked wheels. I also decided that a Suzuki would be preferable to keep it in the family with my other two FA50s. So I ended up buying this off Tard Me as it sat in the photo below
  16. Jyeah, That would be rad. Ive removed all the lighting/wiring that it doesnt need to run from the TF, replaced the seat with a almost mint second hand item as the base was rusted out/material was torn. This allowed me to get the latch working also. I pulled the spacers out from under the front guard and raised that up as well as removing the mudflaps. Covered it in degreaser and left it to soak for close to 24 hours. Then waterblasted all the gunk off it. (Having the waterblaster out caused me to get carried away and I ended up waterblasting the houses deck - looks waaaay better) I removed and straightened the rear brake rod and the bash plate. Looks a bit different/better ay.... Ive ridden this around the street a bit and seems to run sweet. Clutch Issues are disappearing with use. And it likes lifting the front wheel off the ground in first and second... SCARY. In the doing so, Its broken another spoke in the front wheel and the wheel bearings got a bit of play/ rims got heaps of run out. So am on the lookout for a replacement better front wheel asm. I need to pull the rear wheel off and investigate why the rear brakes stick.
  17. Looks like Ive got something else to learn about now.... Just picked this up this afternoon Its a 1986 Suzuki FA50 In PURPLE. DRANK. I know bugger all about scooters or two stroke stuff really, but have bought it mainly for commuting to work on. But after reading all the scooter gang threads on here, I donned my denim vest I purchased a while ago and spent this afternoon terrorizing my 'hood Its pretty sweet and runs well. missing a couple of lenses, and needs indicators, brake light and horn hooked up. Just want to get some new tires as the fronts a bit perished. Whitewalls?
  18. FRs faster in general than FA for me, might be due to the pipe on FA being for all top end. But FA feels faster because small bike/ super bouncy suspension Yeah man will do! Im going to hawkes boes/dromeageddon. If you can tee up returns from there then thats easy as!
  19. Cheers for sending that legsheild up, It fits but isnt quite right/ would need trinning ect and I couldnt bring myself to do that to it. So as you can see, I purchased the correct one for it. Also FR vs FA is like night and day. FR is much cruisier to ride than the FA, feels less sketchy/easier to keep up with traffic. But Im still more confident at throwing the FA around though...
  20. I also did Auckland Distinguised gentlemans ride with GuyWithAviators and twosmoked around through the rain. It was super wet, But the rain didnt put a dampener on the day for me. Was rad cruising around Auckland with 150 other bikes, and getting EVERY SINGLE Green traffic light on the route. I think I rode almost 130km on this trip. Riding in with Guy from panmure was probably some of the most fun Ive had on a scooter in a while. Drag racing from traffic lights/ flybys and overtaking/filling new market with max ringdingdings at 8am in the morning and making rooster tails. Keen for more asap And the day after the ride, My parts from Thailand turned up. ( I had a feeling this would be the case) I purchased myself the correct legsheild for the FR. Also, As you can see in the photo, Ive converted it to run a Solo seat. (re upholstered by my sister) ]] On the hunt now for a small carrier rack to go on the frame behind the seat
  21. I made some hardtail struts to lower the back of the FR50 They're definitely a form over function thing. Rode it to work and back once and ended up feeling sorry for the frame of the bike. I found some shorter shocks in my collection of junk and swapped the eye bushes around to fit the FR. These sit it at quite a nice height when Im sitting on it (almost tucking rim) and still retains a lush ride quality as well as being stiffer than the OG ones OR4NGE, on Flickr
  22. Its a TF125 I purchased as a non runner for the headlight to chuck on my AX100. appears to be an ex farm bike I pulled the headlight off it, and dummied it up to see what it will look like on AX So much nicer than that yuck rectangular light it has standard. Reassembled AX with the original light after getting all the lights to work properly. Fitted the Front brake lever that turned up. Took it for a WOF and passed! Actually taking it out to get a WOF was the first time Ive ridden it further than up and down my street. The width of the bars feels so much nicer than the narrow drag bars it came with, It has a lot more go than the 50cc scooters Im used to and just feels awsome to cruise the streets on! Was clock watching all day looking forward to riding it home! YAY Also, Pulled the covers off the side of the TF125, cleaned out a heap of dirt. And after advice from you lot, managed to get it started in gear and rode it a bit and freed up the clutch. So much more torque than the AX. Im talking I nearly fell off the back of it after giving it a bit much gas then almost ran into the house in the doing as the throttles a bit sticky / no front brake lever (broken) / rear brake rod bent so brakes dont work bars on this thing were more bent than a bent thing. Foreman from work kindly donated some slightly less bent bars, So I swapped them on. Seeing as Ive removed all the lights, I may as well remove any wiring that isnt needed to make it run. Can I just disconnect the wiring at the connector from the motor to remove all the wiring? or do I need to put in something to consume some voltage/ put load on the system to not wreck the engine electrics??? So whens dirt masters?....
  23. As I said, I purchased a new headlight for the AX100. Slamtrailer I built came in super handy It came with a Non-running Suzuki TF125. Oops. Just out of curiosity before I relist the rest for sale, I pulled the carb off, cleaned out all the gum/gunk out of it. Chucked some fresh two stroke mix in the tank and gave it a couple of kicks and it started and idled smooooooth. Unfortunately pulling the clutch lever doesnt seem to disengage the clutch and when holding it in, and going to put it in gear you get the metallic tinktinktink noise of gears starting to touch each other and just forcing it into gear causes the bike to lurch and stall. Might spend an hour or so, pull the cover off and check the clutch to see if its toast or just stuck...