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  1. Looks like Ive got something else to learn about now.... Just picked this up this afternoon Its a 1986 Suzuki FA50 In PURPLE. DRANK. I know bugger all about scooters or two stroke stuff really, but have bought it mainly for commuting to work on. But after reading all the scooter gang threads on here, I donned my denim vest I purchased a while ago and spent this afternoon terrorizing my 'hood Its pretty sweet and runs well. missing a couple of lenses, and needs indicators, brake light and horn hooked up. Just want to get some new tires as the fronts a bit perished. Whitewalls?
  2. Oops.... this makes it three picked this up today solely for the lower half of the chain guard. but on further inspection it looks to have a few other bits that might be useful or just hoarded for spares. Forks are super bent so I'm guessing it's been run over or crashed. It also has a few differences than my good FR50 -namely being stickers for the logos instead of badges / had round speedo/ different shaped safety light on the front.
  3. Also If you remember seeing a while ago in this thread a sparkly Fa50 frame, I finally got around to bolting it back together just before dromeageddon. I decided to fit 14in dirtbike tyres to it after getting a sweet deal from a fellow oldschooler for maximum dirt tractions for backup at dromeageddon. As a note, they do fit but just. To get the rear wheel on involves fitting the wheel with the tyre deflated and then inflating once bolted in place. I also had to remove the stand as that rubbed hard on the tyre and the carb filter elbow misses by a whisker BONUS IMAGE. CHECK OUT THAT SPARKLE
  4. I have a problem. I keep managing to acquire double ups of scooters . The one at the back Is a FR80 I purchased off Denham to use to donate the 80cc engine to my FR50. It also supplied the top half of a chain guard which Ive fitted to the 50. The 80 after twiddling with the carb seems to go hard for what it is and with the front forks welded solid gives a weird feeling like it wants to pop the front wheel off the ground on 1-2 gear change. probably not but more so just a sweet jolt on shifting. Looking forward to yanking the 50 and putting the 80 in its place! also someone sell me the lower half of a fr50 chainguard please!
  5. So I haven't really done much on these, I successfully passed my basic handling test and acquired my motorcycle learners licence. since then Ive really just been enjoying riding the Ax100 around the streets. Ive run out of gas a couple of times, and the fact that it runs premix is a nuisance when that happens/means I really have to plan trips to the gas station. Apart from that, Its great fun to ride. A few weeks ago while the weather was crappy I spent a couple of evenings out in the garage chopping the wiring and fixing a few issues to allow me to finally get around to fitting the round headlight I purchased. Aesthetically its made a HUGE change to the whole bike for the better. It looks a lot lighter and much more towards the look Im aiming for. Fitting the round headlight gave me the issue of having nowhere to mount the ignition switch. Previously the switch was mounted in the body of the rectangular headlight, but a few modifications to the wiring resulted in me being able to move the switch to the side cover I'd made earlier. numbers on the sidecover are a quick scribble with a crappy paint pen to see what I thought for making a proper set of decals/number board. Now I need to purchase new rear indicators as ive lost one lense and new bar grips.
  6. After commuting to and from work on my FA50 and having a few close calls with angry drivers who seem to think that because of the size of it (irrespective of the fact that im doing 50 kmh in a 50kmh zone and the number plate on the back), that they need to be infront of me at all times and have almost had elbows clipped by mirrors ect even when riding right in the center of the lane. I decided I wanted a larger small bike. Something up to a max of 150cc, it HAD to be two stroke and have a full tube style frame with a downtube and wire spoked wheels. I also decided that a Suzuki would be preferable to keep it in the family with my other two FA50s. So I ended up buying this off Tard Me as it sat in the photo below
  7. So many pines! man I'm feeling the low rider buzz hugely at the moment.
  8. Oh man that road looks so sweet
  9. Keen for a wagon. jus need to sell some cars/stuff first....
  10. This is awsome!
  11. Fucking pine this is me right now. so good oh my
  12. I drive past the vinegar hill sign on the way home from wellington on saturday and it's not that bigger drive from Auckland Now I'm annoyed I didn't come this year.
  13. Would you be able to make a rough 1:1 cardboard template of the mounting holes/ measure motor dimensions up and forward ect and post it up to me man? Keen as to see how much of FR needs chopped to fit one <3
  14. That is one lush piece of machinery there matey!
  15. What pitch is the sprocket/chain?
  16. Nah, rear suspensions different
  17. YESSS!!!!! So sweet man!
  18. Both my FAs did that Solved one with a rebuild of crab, (new needle and seat) and still haven't got around to the other one Small wheel FA with max slam would look lush imo. Might change my plans for my glitter FA and look for late model motor/small wheels now
  19. Are you going to run a small wheel up front as well?
  20. I hardtailed my scooter with some sweet metal struts Lasted a day. Too uncomfortable/unforgiving Ended up shorter and stiffer shocks. sits Lower than standard when on stand, and at same height as it was with hard tail struts with me on it. So much lusher Also, sweet whip chees. Can't wait to see plans unfold
  21. I have a VW NEAL PLZ LETS DO THIS COVER! Also can you pull over my panel van plz
  22. C50 vs FR50 vs v50 Come to AKL.... it's slightly urban......
  23. North island Scooter nats Anyone got a paddock?
  24. Nah, scooters are gay. Man living the dream! Sweet whips
  25. Jyeah, That would be rad. Ive removed all the lighting/wiring that it doesnt need to run from the TF, replaced the seat with a almost mint second hand item as the base was rusted out/material was torn. This allowed me to get the latch working also. I pulled the spacers out from under the front guard and raised that up as well as removing the mudflaps. Covered it in degreaser and left it to soak for close to 24 hours. Then waterblasted all the gunk off it. (Having the waterblaster out caused me to get carried away and I ended up waterblasting the houses deck - looks waaaay better) I removed and straightened the rear brake rod and the bash plate. Looks a bit different/better ay.... Ive ridden this around the street a bit and seems to run sweet. Clutch Issues are disappearing with use. And it likes lifting the front wheel off the ground in first and second... SCARY. In the doing so, Its broken another spoke in the front wheel and the wheel bearings got a bit of play/ rims got heaps of run out. So am on the lookout for a replacement better front wheel asm. I need to pull the rear wheel off and investigate why the rear brakes stick.