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  1. This is awsome!
  2. Fucking pine this is me right now. so good oh my
  3. I drive past the vinegar hill sign on the way home from wellington on saturday and it's not that bigger drive from Auckland Now I'm annoyed I didn't come this year.
  4. Would you be able to make a rough 1:1 cardboard template of the mounting holes/ measure motor dimensions up and forward ect and post it up to me man? Keen as to see how much of FR needs chopped to fit one <3
  5. That is one lush piece of machinery there matey!
  6. What pitch is the sprocket/chain?
  7. Nah, rear suspensions different
  8. YESSS!!!!! So sweet man!
  9. Both my FAs did that Solved one with a rebuild of crab, (new needle and seat) and still haven't got around to the other one Small wheel FA with max slam would look lush imo. Might change my plans for my glitter FA and look for late model motor/small wheels now
  10. Are you going to run a small wheel up front as well?
  11. I hardtailed my scooter with some sweet metal struts Lasted a day. Too uncomfortable/unforgiving Ended up shorter and stiffer shocks. sits Lower than standard when on stand, and at same height as it was with hard tail struts with me on it. So much lusher Also, sweet whip chees. Can't wait to see plans unfold
  12. I have a VW NEAL PLZ LETS DO THIS COVER! Also can you pull over my panel van plz
  13. C50 vs FR50 vs v50 Come to AKL.... it's slightly urban......
  14. North island Scooter nats Anyone got a paddock?
  15. Nah, scooters are gay. Man living the dream! Sweet whips