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  1. I vote option 3.
  2. Remember the mackerel? That was not a good prize.
  3. Ok. Roger's gonna win ALL the prizes next year. Wonder if I can find a tractor tyre....
  4. Can we put a limit on the number of prizes each person can bring? Seriously, we end up with so much utter rubbish that people just end up having to cart home to throw away
  5. Yea, same as last year. I think KK is planning to get some more info up tonight.
  6. That, right there ^ is where punctuation is key. But keen to see your shifter, Beav
  7. Hey now! Not everything, just most car related stuffs... Without a doubt. You've got the legs for it.
  8. Haha, another build thread for Allan to update?
  9. He didn't come home swearing and giving me the evils, so good I guess!
  10. Sounds.... tasty.... /spam
  11. Red Interior!!!!!!! I nearly spat burger all over my screen when I read in the first post that you were going to sort the doors. 4 years on.....
  12. Yuss! Now you HAVE to come to Wagnats!! NO EXCUSES
  13. if you still are in need of axle stands i have some you can borrow for a bit fluck! its seedy al
  14. If it's easier can just put them in my car on Thursday? Instead of awkward swap while drunk somewhere. Just sayin'
  15. Pfft, I have a tattoo appointment. I wont be home. But yea, back to the subject: Ewwww, Brown Van.