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  1. Keeeeeen
  2. UPDATE! First things first, Who the fuck welds fenders to the sills??!! Yesterday I started by wire wheeling the sills to see how bad they were under all that paint. GOOD NEWS! Not as bad as I thought. A couple of rust holes here and there, but or the most part they're all gravy. That is unfortunately where the good news ended for the day. I removed the covers in the footwell next to the door and discovered a rather religious patch right where one of the drivers side hinges attaches. Less than ideal. Allan suggested removing the fenders to see what was hiding in there. After removing 5 of the bolts I discovered the bonnet had to come off to reach a 6th bolt. Ok, cool, after Allan worked out how to remove the weird-ass spring that's on there, bonnet was off followed swiftly by that sixth bolt. After 2 solid minutes of trying to remove a 7th bolt and it not moving I asked Allan for assistance, at which point we discover the welded to sill feature. What. The. Fuck. Allan very kindly cut them loose for me (I'm pretty sure he was scared I'd lose a finger or set fire to everything if i did it). Then YAY, fenders were off. Under which was a whole lot of caked on mud that is probably older than Ty and a shit load more rust. My favourite. The fenders themselves are not in very good shape (sorry, didn't take any pics of them) so I'm in the market to find some replacements. I also poked some more holes in the back of the cab. Who lets me have a screwdriver?!
  3. Yay! Good job Mr.
  4. Yea. Saw those floors. They'd be a last resort. Try find something local ideally.
  5. Yea, very happy with the wheels. Not perfect which is great, I won't be paranoid about them At this stage, the only plan is to get rid of the rust! I despise yellow, so that will need to go, but probably not for some time. Change out the springs so it's sitting even. Oh, and welding the fuel filler back on so I don't have to use the ingenious bent piece of pipe the guy gave me to fill it.
  6. First update, coz lazy it's the same day as finally starting this thread. Today Ty helped me pull out the bench seat and clean up all the crap and assorted rust flakes from in the cab so we could get a proper look at the swiss cheese. Can definitely see alot of daylight through there. We also (with some assistance from the lovely Allan) pulled off the door cards to take a look at how bad they are. Not too bad it turns out. Most of the rust is from mid cab forward. The rear is pretty good. With just one hole on the outside where I may or may not have been poking around with a screwdriver....
  7. This beauty popped up on Facebook. I say I want it. Allan says (without even knowing what it is) buy it. Next thing you know Allan, Joe and I are sitting in traffic on our way up to Tokomaru to have a look at this magnificent beasty. Wellside is in pretty good condition, no concerns with that. The cab however is a different story... Swiss cheese floor pans and the passenger sill is a similar story. But no worries they said! So buy it I did. The bench seat that was in it looks to be out of an older model, but he had the original one, so plan to whack that back in. Also came with some more leaf springs to get the back sitting even with the front. First thing to do, learn how to weld! Discussion
  8. Seriously? There be some big hills on the way down. I'd definitely be wanting some brakes.
  9. Oh god, Think of the gas bill! Keen, as always. I better start saving now....
  10. I vote option 3.
  11. Remember the mackerel? That was not a good prize.
  12. Ok. Roger's gonna win ALL the prizes next year. Wonder if I can find a tractor tyre....
  13. Can we put a limit on the number of prizes each person can bring? Seriously, we end up with so much utter rubbish that people just end up having to cart home to throw away
  14. Yea, same as last year. I think KK is planning to get some more info up tonight.
  15. That, right there ^ is where punctuation is key. But keen to see your shifter, Beav