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  1. Nice car! Twins to mine. The passenger side noise is more likely to be the bush in the steering rack, it makes a noise through the floor. Check my thread here - I just did the fix. I'll find the nolathane part number later. See below for how I did it.
  2. Good read, thanks for that link. I must be super keen, I had to take one of the inner tie rods apart to get the shaft out to fit the new bushing. I have it all apart again now, going to give everything a good clean and regrease then assemble slowly, I rushed the first time.
  3. Right, page 6! Ever since I got the car (and it's been getting progressively worse over the years) there has been a knock under the passengers floor when going over bumps. Did some reading and found out there's a bush in the steering rack that wears and lets the rack move in it's housing. Luckily Nolathane make a replacement. Picked up one of those and set about the arduous task of removing the rack - involving dropping the subframe for clearance. Untitled by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr This is the old bush (got damaged while removing but half of the material was gone anyway) compared to the new one. Untitled by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr And in... Untitled by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr And now the fun part, put it all back together and in the car. The knocking noise is gone, great success! Wheel alignment is out, no biggie. ...But there's now a little too much (i.e more than none at all) play in the steering wheel when starting to turn it, along with a nasty grinding noise at the start of the movement. So this morning I took the rack back out - and found this broken rack spacer, must have chooched the U bolts up too tight. But I don't think that would have caused it, I couldn't see the rack moving underneath the car - seemed more internal. Untitled by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr Also found one of the bearings within the pinion assembly had a little play so will track down a better one of them and muck around with the shims also. Was a little low on oil also after it all fell out while trying to manoeuvre it back into place. If anyone else has experience with these BMC racks and excessive play please give me your wisdom! Discuss:
  4. Padding out the posts again, too many photos.
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  7. So this isn't an issue anymore... Went for a short wee drive last night. And then this happened about 45 mins from home. Cable ties only melted once on the southern motorway 5k's from home.
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  9. Did some quarter miles. Good fun! Photos of this. Thanks @MichaelJFox for the below photos! The drag racing essentials for an ADO16, oil and hydrolastic pump IMG_4164 by Dorian-G, on Flickr IMG_4194 by Dorian-G, on Flickr IMG_4260 by Dorian-G, on Flickr IMG_3539 by Dorian-G, on Flickr IMG_3541 by Dorian-G, on Flickr Ran low 20s. Hoping to get into the teens next year with twin carbs and less weight, maybe smaller tires on the front too. Such fun though! Here's an in car video against a 65 Mustang with a 289 V8.
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  11. Glad it was something nice and simple! I did the above suggestion with a similar type product on my 1300 after the coil wire melted in the loom. Looks really tidy! Cable wrap by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr
  12. Another ride done today around The Mount with Shakatom and the Moped NZ crew. Many braps, much sunburn. 5DMK8076 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr 5DMK8067 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr 5DMK8048 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr 5DMK8064 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr
  13. Second part of this post. Scooter nats.
  14. 5DMK7276 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr Yeow. More here:
  15. So yeah, this thing got a WOF. 5DMK7156-Edit by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr Went for a wee cruise around Auckland's waterfront with Tim and his 1300 this afternoon. Had a little play with the hydrolastic pump. Still keen to put an electric tank / reservoir in the boot for on the go adjustments. 5DMK7338 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr 5DMK7250 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr 5DMK7268 by GuyWithAviators, on Flickr Need to do some work on the exhaust mounts, the rear section of the pipe bangs on the boot floor under deceleration. I think the engine mounts are weak too.