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  1. Good job, Allan.
  2. Congratulations on getting this legal. Looking rad.
  3. See you at Wagnats '18.
  4. Shit, you don't muck around. Looking sweet.
  5. But stack them on someone else's table.
  6. No
  7. Might get a bit of mud up your screamer pipe.
  8. Great to see this out of the shed after all the hours you have put into it. Best wishes for WOF success.
  9. White walls look choice.
  10. It wouldn't be too hard to wire it up so both fans come on for cooling and AC.
  11. I would have thought both fans would be going.
  12. I even won a prize, for something?
  13. I took this to Hawkes Boes. Bloody dash lights died again. They flick on for a bit if you wiggle the switch. I guess I should have got the $25 headlight switch from RockAuto instead of the $10. Headlights were amazing on the night time drive up. Especially the high beams. So that's nice. Pics taken by some special people.