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  1. Picture less update. New piston and gudgeon is 155gms lighter per pc. Makes rotating assembly 1.24kgs lighter. Nice. Unfortunately segies sent the wrong big end bearings. Meant I couldn't trial assembly a rod and piston in the block to check deck to piston heights in each corner of the block to check it's square. Hopefully have the replacement shells soon enough and can carry on.
  2. Yeah. I know right. Well hopefully this will be closer to the end of it everything driveline has been rebuilt. Leaves only front end basically. Still yet to buy new rad and electric fan setup Too. Have sorted a big grunty derale fan for max blow jobs. Just got to decide which type of controller to use.
  3. The new ones are quite a bit lighter I believe but I won't know by how much exactly till tomorrow. Yup I'm getting the whole lot rebalanced once I've set the comp ratios etc.
  4. lol harsh. speaking of which i still haven't straightened those wheel dollys.
  5. I had taken the motor to the engine reconditioners to fit new cam bearings as I reeeeeally CBF doing this job as it meant making up some mandrels and shit and i just want it going so pay the man the money. As we're standing there yarning he's looking down the the bores and asks if i knew it has a couple of broken top rings...? and thats where the wheels fell off. I stripped it down, and found FOUR cylinders had these: Cunzings... typical. I measured everything up in terms of wear on all parts and ordered new pistons and rings ex US. the block and rotating assy was delivered to another engine reconditioners down the line that was a bit more old school orientated and that is being finished as i write this. 1.5 days ago, these arrived: I decided to go with KB hypereutectic pistons. So pumped once these arrived, so much so that i delivered them 3 hrs down the road that night instead of couriering them, that way i knew they would be there in time so I can pick it all up over easter weekend... fuck yeah. Block is decked and bored +0.030", new cam bearings fitted, the cranks -0.010" on both journals, and the rods been checked and trued ready for assembly. Hopefully have pics of the rotating assy ready to send for balancing in a week or two once i've got the pistons ready as i still need to set the static compression ratios up and will need to modify them a lil to get it where i want the dynamic ratio to be.
  6. So I came across these, well priced etc. Not a wheel I want to keep but will do for now until I find something really nice.. no pics of these on till later hehe.
  7. So while driveline bits and peices are happening, my mate brought some wheels over because eventually i wanted to put 20's on it to fill the gaurds a bit better and i've never liked the rims that were on it and we wanted to see how they would fit/look etc.. despite this pic the rim is tucked up under the car a little more that old ride height I was really impressed with the alloy colour on the car and to be quite honest i didnt think it would work, as I was going to do black again. buuuut nope i changed my mind quickly. So the major problem ive always had was since the previous owner in their laziness welded the spats in and bogged over it - due to the rim size and offset, its always been almost impossible to get the wheel off the car and under the spat on an angle. I didnt realise this problem when i first got the car and put a slightly taller profile rear tyre on it to try and help correct the revs as it was revving too high at 62mph. I got them on but what a fucking mish. So, my initial fix was to run a 20" rim as the cross section between the outer dia of the tyre and smallest dia of the inside of the rim is much smaller than the 17" rim and current tyre + the fact it needs a larger rolling circumference on it as well.. this would allow the rim to drop down further and create more clearance between the drum brake and the spat and actually come out. That would work but its such a hassle. So yeah: So much better. I've wanted the body line therer as well to help skinny up the huge plain panel and have some features..
  8. Argh. I want an xe / xf bad. Try air pressure instead of rope?
  9. Super stoked for u greg. saw it at the show tonight while helping a mate. lets hope this things is a lil more reliable for you then the previous....
  10. Have a lil Google for "Mopar 8 3/4" diff green bearings" and pulls up hears of results and info on them.
  11. Shit, sorry man i forgot about this. Yeah they have arrived i'll get some pics of them. havent assembled yet.. but will update as I get things done.
  12. Yeah man fully sucks big fat dicks. I finally got it off last week. So much easier.
  13. It was about this point, that a call from work came through saying i had some more pressies arrived.. there was new water pump, gasket set, heads and few other bits and bobs. Bobs a GC, but the dude Shaun @ Muscle Car Parts is a legend. I also got the rear end out of the car, so could get sorted. I took the driveshaft to Russell @ driveshaft specs in East tamaki, he checked it all for straightness and put new crosses on it and rebalanced it for me. Archers in takanini got the springs for an extra leaf put in to help stiffen the rear end up a lil to help reduce potential tramp and also put new clamps on as the old ones got torn off in the diff incident.. I took the motor and parts around to my mates shop to help me clean up everything for paint and he did the honors with the spaygun... heres a couple till the others are loaded up and will post them in next couple days. So while these were drying: and everything else that I dont seem to have pics ready of yet, i went back to to Chucks in vegas to pickup the gearbox as it was ready to go again. Luckily the only damage was the same planetary housing as last time had failed again. It stripped the spline out, not quite as bad as the first one but enough to no longer work proper. here it is getting ready to get cleaned up for paint, which Im still to do. Russell Had also got the dshaft finished too.. So... that concludes what I have pictures for at the moment. I'll do anothe rpost of the motor shortly.
  14. After getting getting pissed off with the cast by about the 2nd day, I couldnt let it slow me down and got busy again. Words are boring. pics! Some of these are for my reference.. dont get too bored of big block on engine stand pics plz lol The dissasembly began: This was about the point that shit was about to get real - I havent said yet, but I had decided to buy alloy heads for it too.. since i was all " f**k it, i want this bitch to go.." without spending a squillions on it. At this point, I was also stuck as needed a puller to get the harmonic dampner off. So bypassed the lower front end till the shops opened the next day and proceeded to this: I thought id have a go at something different: People have said there's nothing quite like a bit of fisting.. but i dont know much about that. Anyway, i digress, after some 'fun' i was past the point of no return so i carried on:
  15. Ok.. been slow to get work done on this ol pig. I knew there was going to be a bit more time to afford it all so slowly started buying things that we required. As usual, things snowball in the engine department... ( I was originally only planning a paint and a rear main seal, but as you will find as the plot thickens it went a little far. ) I had a good yarn with all the cam guys and finally decided to work with Kelfords, the guy was super good to talk to and would answer any question I had compared the others were all very guarded and wouldnt share info. So.. I bought an Xtreme Energy 268 cam and new lifters.. the lifters were supposed to be johnsons, then it was Delco, but sealed power arrived - bit unhappy about that but they aid they would honor any warranty issues caused by the product... so I guess OK. I also finally bought a new Carby as the old one is just due for retirement. It needs looking at properly and i'd rather just spend the money on something alot better. 780cfm, Vacuum secondaries and electric choke, dual metering blocks and 4 corner adjustment and at a brilliant price I couldnt say no to. So as the weeks went by, got a few more parts I needed.. So after having a few more pressies and a bit of motivation going as I could see the candle at the end of the tunnel being actually lit, I got everything disconnected so the engine and box could be pulled out over a few nights and my mate came over to help with the actual removal. Pics say more than words so i'll just picture dump. I had intended on pulling the motor and box at same time.. but because the 2 items together are so heavy and it would of given the world a new axis to spin on I ended up splitting them apart and box came out under the car first. So we ended up with this.. and because I needed a decent engine stand that would actually hold the weight of a small planet i had to go get one before I could put it on anything so it sat like this for a week or so.. Then this happened.. I fractured my wrist after a lil crash on my mountain biking, so that slowed me down a little.