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  1. Argh. I want an xe / xf bad. Try air pressure instead of rope?
  2. Super stoked for u greg. saw it at the show tonight while helping a mate. lets hope this things is a lil more reliable for you then the previous....
  3. Have a lil Google for "Mopar 8 3/4" diff green bearings" and pulls up hears of results and info on them.
  4. Shit, sorry man i forgot about this. Yeah they have arrived i'll get some pics of them. havent assembled yet.. but will update as I get things done.
  5. Yeah man fully sucks big fat dicks. I finally got it off last week. So much easier.
  6. It was about this point, that a call from work came through saying i had some more pressies arrived.. there was new water pump, gasket set, heads and few other bits and bobs. Bobs a GC, but the dude Shaun @ Muscle Car Parts is a legend. I also got the rear end out of the car, so could get sorted. I took the driveshaft to Russell @ driveshaft specs in East tamaki, he checked it all for straightness and put new crosses on it and rebalanced it for me. Archers in takanini got the springs for an extra leaf put in to help stiffen the rear end up a lil to help reduce potential tramp and also put new clamps on as the old ones got torn off in the diff incident.. I took the motor and parts around to my mates shop to help me clean up everything for paint and he did the honors with the spaygun... heres a couple till the others are loaded up and will post them in next couple days. So while these were drying: and everything else that I dont seem to have pics ready of yet, i went back to to Chucks in vegas to pickup the gearbox as it was ready to go again. Luckily the only damage was the same planetary housing as last time had failed again. It stripped the spline out, not quite as bad as the first one but enough to no longer work proper. here it is getting ready to get cleaned up for paint, which Im still to do. Russell Had also got the dshaft finished too.. So... that concludes what I have pictures for at the moment. I'll do anothe rpost of the motor shortly.
  7. After getting getting pissed off with the cast by about the 2nd day, I couldnt let it slow me down and got busy again. Words are boring. pics! Some of these are for my reference.. dont get too bored of big block on engine stand pics plz lol The dissasembly began: This was about the point that shit was about to get real - I havent said yet, but I had decided to buy alloy heads for it too.. since i was all " f**k it, i want this bitch to go.." without spending a squillions on it. At this point, I was also stuck as needed a puller to get the harmonic dampner off. So bypassed the lower front end till the shops opened the next day and proceeded to this: I thought id have a go at something different: People have said there's nothing quite like a bit of fisting.. but i dont know much about that. Anyway, i digress, after some 'fun' i was past the point of no return so i carried on:
  8. Ok.. been slow to get work done on this ol pig. I knew there was going to be a bit more time to afford it all so slowly started buying things that we required. As usual, things snowball in the engine department... ( I was originally only planning a paint and a rear main seal, but as you will find as the plot thickens it went a little far. ) I had a good yarn with all the cam guys and finally decided to work with Kelfords, the guy was super good to talk to and would answer any question I had compared the others were all very guarded and wouldnt share info. So.. I bought an Xtreme Energy 268 cam and new lifters.. the lifters were supposed to be johnsons, then it was Delco, but sealed power arrived - bit unhappy about that but they aid they would honor any warranty issues caused by the product... so I guess OK. I also finally bought a new Carby as the old one is just due for retirement. It needs looking at properly and i'd rather just spend the money on something alot better. 780cfm, Vacuum secondaries and electric choke, dual metering blocks and 4 corner adjustment and at a brilliant price I couldnt say no to. So as the weeks went by, got a few more parts I needed.. So after having a few more pressies and a bit of motivation going as I could see the candle at the end of the tunnel being actually lit, I got everything disconnected so the engine and box could be pulled out over a few nights and my mate came over to help with the actual removal. Pics say more than words so i'll just picture dump. I had intended on pulling the motor and box at same time.. but because the 2 items together are so heavy and it would of given the world a new axis to spin on I ended up splitting them apart and box came out under the car first. So we ended up with this.. and because I needed a decent engine stand that would actually hold the weight of a small planet i had to go get one before I could put it on anything so it sat like this for a week or so.. Then this happened.. I fractured my wrist after a lil crash on my mountain biking, so that slowed me down a little.
  9. You mean the green bearings as opposed to the taper rollers?
  10. Alright. have made a little progress albeit slow. Having difficulty with motivation fixing this again if I am honest. had to move the old bitch over in the shed.. got it over about 1.5m then this happened. current state of affairs now that I have some taller axle stands So i managed to get some parts from the states. ordered everything for the diff that I needed except the truetrac. but my green bearings ( wheel bearings that eliminate the taper roller type ) seemed to be missing. seems that box got damaged and USPS taped the box back up but didnt put them back in first.. So new bearings on their way, again. Seems i have to do shit twice alot these days. made some more money and this arrived.. YEEEEEAAAAHH BOI! truetrac is here. more updates later when ive pulled the motor and trans out next week. thanks for reading.
  11. Since its going to take some time for funds, I can still do cheaper things that make alot of difference while its out of action. Motor is coming out for the rear main seal leak. I need to pull whole crank out for this, so will give it a dulux rebuild while its on the stand and tidy up the front of the motor. Might try make some new pulleys etc for a bit of wank. May as well repaint the engine bay and tidy up the chassis while its also bare... Next time will be more timely fashion as the new motor will be going in and this old girl will be seeing the bench so I should do it now.. I need to get some large 6ton axle stands first as my current ones are too low and cant get trans out the bottom and I can do with a little more working space under there... This is more of a list of other back end shit for me: check diff housing not bent / twisted - clean up and repaint. check driveshaft not bent or twisted / out of phase get leaves repacked and clamps done - look into extra half leaf for anti-wrap or cal-tracs Will post pics in the coming weeks of progress.
  12. Sooooo... ( posted few mins ago in mechanical fails fred ). this happened heading to caffeine and classics last month... standby in the next month for the pics of trans when that ^^^^ locked up the rear wheels at 100kph... AGAIN!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :-( :-( It was a nasty one. made such a huge bang, that the rear of the car jumped up off the road, ( when it came back down it banged so hard the rear vision mirror was looking at the ground in shame ) and skidded everywhere whilst im stuggling to keep the USS PORKER in my lane but failing miserably but keeping it on the blacktop. Luckily, there was no on-coming traffic and my mate in his camaro was a little bit behind. It wrapped the leaf springs up that bad that pulled all the spring clamps off, ( found most of them actually sheared open all over the road ). the tread on the tyres have been so shreaded! Trans is poked again. Its apparent its done the same thing as above as has exactly the same symptoms. I've already talked to Chuck, he's keen to see it and we'll rebuild it again with another new planetary housing. I might have a look at making the alloy casing, and see if i can do something with getting a bit more strength of it without going to a steel one.. the shaft breaks like in the chev 400s instead and makes a fucking mess so think i would prefer to have a bit of a weak link that is a cheaper repair compared to everything inside when the shaft goes. I have got new gears already for the diff. genuine mopar 2.76's again. not cheap but cant get these aftermarket in that ratio and i dont want more revs. I have some saving to do which is going to take a while as a truetrac is the only thing going back in there. I'll also do the green bearings on the axles.
  13. no words, but: I bet you one happy as fella. + i love that colour. my favourite!
  14. Ha, LOL tell me about. this thing was not supposed to be a project or be this unreliable, dang it. haha. Yeah, totally agree and the best bit is the cops wave on the way past instead of getting pulled over every time. so much room in it, 6 up easy as LOL. Your opinion is exactly what I would like to do to it, or matt black body and gloss black bumpers with 20" smoothies with a bit more low.
  15. We took the car to Kumeu but unfortunately only had a couple hours, and passengers were very impatient so didnt get to meet you guys, sorry. Anyway, here's a couple snaps. discussion fred: