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  1. haha yes, those little bastards will cut deep if you dont!
  2. Didnt have one on hand tbh. The wire will be sleeved, and will have a section of corrugated tubing on that section and then firmly ziptied to the bracket. I can change it at a later date if needed. That bolts a fun one though as its into a coolant gallery and when you remove it a nice jet of coolant shoots out.
  3. I tidied the mounts and brackets i made up and gave them a paint.
  4. The new loom is coming together nicely.
  5. I get the feeling they went for about 5 hundy for the set. Was thinking of grabbing them as spares for my car, but dont have the space to store them.
  6. There was a set on TM a couple of months ago. Dont come up often though, but if your wallet is too heavy then Rimmer Bros sell brand new replicas.
  7. I also did the rocker cover gaskets
  8. I removed the standard loom today
  9. I made some more progress today. The coil bracket is finally done being made. Next is to start the wiring.
  10. So full of win.
  11. Took some time out to flush my heater core in the hopes it will fix my cold heater.
  12. My SD1 was a good example of this. WOF before i got it, but it somehow passed with low brake pads, a serious fuel leak, and a couple of small things. That cracked wheel is farked. Good things the trump isnt too heavy and you didnt go kerb hopping.
  13. And i cant leave anything well enough alone. As soon as i got home i pulled the car apart, to begin fitting my custom Speeduino ECU. Discuss
  14. I attended the British Car Day with my SD1
  15. I mocked up the coil bracket for the Rover today. Should fit nicely.