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  1. I'm interested to see what you think of the Speedhut gauges? Thinking about getting them also. Cant wait to see this finished!
  2. More progress on the old girl. Still chipping away on the wiring but with engine in, I can now start the engine loom also.
  3. still chipping away at this, small update but a big milestone.. Engine now rebuilt and together. Wiring is underway.
  4. Engine is now being rebuilt, Hopefully not to far away now!
  5. slowly going back together
  6. One more thing ticked of the never ending list! Now wait for it to dry and then start putting the puzzle back together,
  7. Slowly chipping away at this. Drive shaft now made. Engine bay almost ready to paint. got a pair of seats, will get them re-covered sometime.
  8. looking good man! where did you get the flares from? I think I may need some for my Datsun
  9. ^^ Yip same here, dude you have some wicked skills!
  10. looks so good on the new wheels!! Do you know what the offset is on the rear's?
  11. Ute diff is now in. Drive shaft getting made over the next couple of weeks. Will start the search for a fuel cell, then look at getting the engine rebuilt! pic for thread
  12. Finally done something on the sedan after it just sitting there for awhile. managed to get the rear sitting about right. Ute diff is off getting mounts made up then can put that in. Once diff is in, then I can sort d/shaft. Should slowly have more progress on this. pic for motivation
  13. possibly for sale if anyone is looking for one