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  1. I have a Hayes manual for these. Let me know if there are any pages you want scanned etc. Are you going to have the injectors cleaned and tested?
  2. Awesome!
  3. So, um. How's that radio looking......
  4. FC's are awesome. Soooo much fun to drive!
  5. Leaks on the floor? As a possible new name? Nice wagon btw. I like wagons.
  6. @h4nd I really enjoyed taking your car for a hoon, I couldn't stop smiling. It had the coolest engine note! Such an awesome little car.
  7. This was my dad's one. Was super fun to hoon in, went hard for what is woz etc.
  8. The body on it looks pretty solid! Mark 3's seem to be the worst for rust out of all of the Z cars but this looks good. I like Zephyrs.
  9. Looks great parked up in my garage.
  10. There is a guy on the North Shore who restored one. Keeping the 4 banger and 4x4 ride height. It's probably the only stock 616 coupe in NZ that's currently running and road legal?
  11. Liking the new rear panel. Liking the auto badge too. No luck with a money tree though mate, mines looking a bit bare ATM. Because rotary.
  12. +1 for instructions for instructions. seat looks super sweet BTW.
  13. Car looks lush! What show did you attend? Looks like a few other Mazdas lurking n the back ground....
  14. One of the Barry's at the VCC is a Jawa fancier and takes all his bikes to Gore because he isn't a fucktard. Will get his deets.