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  1. Just run steelies and white walls.
  2. Rad. This looks like a super sweet project mate. Look forward to following your progress!
  3. Panasports people.
  4. Keen for Southland convoy.
  5. I will also look to book leave so I don't get stuck in Timaru with felixx again.
  6. I love Zephyrs. Ones with V8's even more so.
  7. The factory ECU's are shit and the were sooooooooooooooooooooo bad at flooding (from new) they had to make serious changes for the S5. I approve of the mega squirt monster J-Port turbo idea.
  8. The fuel cut defender is a work around for the leaning out issue you talked about. It simply lies to the ecu to stop it leaning out at high boost/revs. It's not perfect but cheaper than a whole new ECU system. They are mainly used when you wind up the factory boost but don't upgrade the ECU. Do you want the fuel cut defender out of my car? I'm going to install a Link in mine so won't need it. It's a simple plug and play!
  9. I have a Hayes manual for these. Let me know if there are any pages you want scanned etc. Are you going to have the injectors cleaned and tested?
  10. Awesome!
  11. So, um. How's that radio looking......
  12. FC's are awesome. Soooo much fun to drive!
  13. Leaks on the floor? As a possible new name? Nice wagon btw. I like wagons.
  14. @h4nd I really enjoyed taking your car for a hoon, I couldn't stop smiling. It had the coolest engine note! Such an awesome little car.