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    Discussion Thread - http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53921-bugatti-t5759-engine/ Ive been lurking on Oldschool for ages. Been told to chuck my project on here because theres a few people interested. Background; Ive always wanted a Lotus 7 and a Bugatti Type 59. Some of you probably know I have done the 7 thing and that turned out ok. So my next job is to build a T59! There were only 6-8 ever built and the last one sold for $6million. Ralph Lauran bought his for $25million so there is no way I could ever buy one. This is bit of a copy paste from another forum so apologies if its all over the show. I wont bore you with a novel so I will get straight into the photos. This is what they look like. Started with collecting every drawing and image I could find. Then made good contacts with restorers in Germany, Poland and France and The Bugatti Trust in the UK who have gone miles out of their way to help.
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    Finished! Bit of machining porn for you!
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    I took some quick shots this morning before work just in case anyone crashed into it
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    Shes a pretty big job. Been at the machine shop for a week. 1 more week to go! Casting is looking good. Yet to find any lumps of sand or porosity apparently!
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    I've been saving my pennies to get this. 1974 model with 3.0 Carrera engine (n/a version of 930 turbo).
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    so. after a BUNCH of fucking around and getting dicked for a few items that should have been covered by insurance i finally got a payout to fix my blue car. without wasting everyones time with details the result was that the insurance company would pay for a new gearbox, a secondhand engine and a few sundries. so i bought this, 2016-06-11_09-35-36 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-11_09-35-29 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-11_09-26-57 by sheepers, on Flickr 2J short block, gasket set, new oil pump and a new R154. if i hadn't of just sold the red car i wouldn't be able to afford this and i would have had to buy a second hand 1J. but i have just sold the red car so its splurge on shit time! I've also bough a new manifold which ill post some pics of when it gets here but its pretty special. now its time to put it all back together and make some mods along the way. should be interesting when its back on the dyno…….
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    The world's worst kept secret is out: After years of pining, I finally went full retard and bought a Starion. To be honest, it wasn't even supposed to be this way. Only last weekend I'd lined up a nice, modern, comfortable, and fiendishly fast 2008 Mazdaspeed Axela to purchase as my new daily driver, having owned one before and knowing exactly what to expect in terms of ownership, tractability and reliability. Sunday was supposed to be the day of the full and final transaction, and I wasn't looking back in any great hurry. THEN... over dinner with friends on Saturday night, while idly browsing Trademe, one of them came across a fresh listing for this here thing. They showed me the ad, I rolled my eyes and chuckled, and told them in no uncertain terms that I'd already decided on the Axela and I didn't really have space, nor the extra folding, to also buy a Starion, and a NZ new one at that (not even a lush Japanese imported one). "But the price!" they exclaimed. "You'd be stupid not to at least take a look!" As with most pressing matters, I slept on it. The next morning, because I wasn't realistically able to get hold of Phil, I called my other Mitsubishi foamer friend Ant (but not without first posting it on OS Trademe finds... ) as I'd decided that taking a look would be the wisest thing to do after watching the price of Starions climb and climb in Japan over the last 5 years. Secretly I hoped that by tagging along with a person who knew '80s Mitsis somewhat well, he could point out all of the bad stuff wrong with the car, and steer me away from buying it. Trouble is, there wasn't actually all that much bad stuff for Ant to point out. In fact the good stuff outweighed the bad by about 20 to 1... and it didn't even blow any blue smoke! So as you can tell by the mere fact you're reading this post, I let gut instinct take over, and purchased the Starion. It's a 1988 NZ new, Euro spec narrowbody EX model. From what I can tell that means it's got the 175ps intercooled 8-valve G63B and super tall 3.5:1 LSD diff, and has a full black leather interior (more on that below). Speedo is in miles and it's only done 52,000 of them, which was one thing that swayed me towards buying it. The key differences between this and the Jap model 8-valve GSRs are the interior (leather didn't seem to make an appearance except in the very early GSR-X models, and never in black, only in blue/tan/maroon), the large TC06 turbo, and the 3.5:1 rear diff, which is obviously geared - no pun intended - towards top-speed Autobahn cruising. Jap ones have a more usable 3.9:1 diff and smaller TC05 which I can only guess makes them more responsive down low. The previous owners have definitely taken great care of the car, and I hope to continue that tradition as well as they have. The last owner, Mike, replaced the clutch and cambelt, and rebuilt the turbo. What can I say about that interior? It's totally ribbed for her pleasure, smells like the 1980s, and wouldn't look out of place in the cockpit of a starfighter spaceship. It's a shame there's no digital dash to top it all off, though! Full photo album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskEhDhXk Time will tell whether I eventually flick this Starion on to try and fund the importation of a proper Japanese DASH-powered GSR-V narrowbody, or just hang on to it and continue blocking out of my mind the fact it's NZ new, which wreaks havoc with my OCD something chronic. But to be honest, that's the irrational side of me talking... because in hindsight if I'd ignored this one locally, I don't think I would have another opportunity to buy one at a realistic price ever again. Especially when you consider that genuine GSR-Vs are now fetching upwards of $25k in Japan. The car yard wasn't fazed when I called them to cancel the deal on the Axela - luckily I hadn't decided to pay a deposit on it. On the flip side I'm still annoyed at myself because I said I wouldn't buy any more garbage '80s cars and I'm still left with the glaringly obvious conundrum of not actually owning a suitable daily driver! Guess I'm dailying the Starion then. Discuss: http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54171-ted-huangs-starorion-0r10ns-1988-mitsuhishi-starion/
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    So as mentioned in the discussion I made it to the wof garage with no major issues. I have learned to ignore the temp gauge.. it tells lies. Maybe wrong sender for the cluster I'm using that's the old one from Viva one. The fuel gauge ain't working. The alternator light randomly comes on ..I suspect a bad earth. The speedo cable has now snapped at the other end ! But I made it and it was in good hands.. After wowing the tester as he's never seen an HB wagon before I walked off to do some shopping. I was hungry as and had a nice pie while I waited for the result. Whilst going shopping I spotted this.. I chatted to the owner, an old boy who's very proud of his Viva. He actually has a Datsun engine with a 5 speed box, fitted by the fella doing my wof. Finished shopping, walked back to the garage. Car was moved inside... Did it pass???? It did! Yes One of my sidelight bulbs was out. I'd known about it but forgot. He chucked another bulb in and passed it! (I have to fix the speedo asap which I will do so tonight). Yay!!!! Straight to the post office for some rego. So I drove home happy, checked the ignition timing with a mates light and it was indeed probably 10-15 degrees to advanced! Its also running lean but damned if I can move the jet down. Might put a slightly smaller O ring in that wont jam up. Got home. Took photo of this... Hung these in place... and sat back for one of these... A very, very happy man I am ! So speedo cable to sort then tune the engine. Change the oil. Get radiator leak soldered. Then in between driving I want to sort out the boot floor with some plywood and make it all flat ready for bikes etc.
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    Almost finished! Bores have cleaned up without any defects. Ports look a fraction off on some of the bores though so hopefully I can cut some valve seats that work! Not going to lie, its quite exciting!
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    much fucking around waiting for parts and changing my mind on things has resulted in it still not going yet. however the motor is in the car for permanent (this time round) and the only major bit I'm missing at this point is the intake manifold. so, whats been done? modify and strengthen the gearbox crossmember mount to bring it up to current cert regs head has been hardness tested, cleaned and reassembled with new stem seals. valves re-seated and stage 2 BC cams fitted. powerhouse racing pulley kit ATI harmonic balancer titan adjustable cam gears gates blue cam belt NZ EFI ultra high output coils with built in igniters other things. the block came with no engine number so i thought id better put one on it so i can identify it if i need to for whatever reason. 2016-07-13_05-58-18 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-13_08-41-27 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-13_08-43-57 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-13_08-44-10 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Some people know, even though I've been all about keeping this on the downlow, but it's now time to make it official. I swing both ways, in fact I am properly batting for the other team now, well at least until I rekindle my old relationship... ...behind the wheel of my Commy. That's right, I've bought a Ford. Gah the shame of it all. So, after pulling apart the Commy last year for rust and consequently fucking around for the entire Wag-off season, I realised in November that it just wouldn't be right to turn up to Wagnats in a non-wag of the olden days variety. So I begun the search for an XD Wagon which frankly has always been a dream to own. I found a good looking beast (although it was an XE) in Gore, so I got our friendly southern gentleman Mr Old Man Southern himself @kyteler to take a lazy look for me. He came back with a reasonably positive report and heck I went for it. A few phonecalls, emails and PM's later and it was on a transporter to me in Wellington, turning up right before I went away for New Years. But still I was trying to keep it quiet until Wagnats for a surprise wagcessory. I was pretty successful at keeping it quiet, except for a drunken moment with a couple of jokers where I spilled the beans out of sheer excitement but I kept a lid on it, at least until @Aladdin drove past my lockup for the 30 seconds I had the door open to roll inside my new wheels and the bugger saw it. Luckily he didn't quite grasp the gravity and the rumours didn't go very far. So I bought it and while it was on it's way up to me I snaffled me up a set of Tridents from Hawera and picked them up when I went that way for Bizzo and Lozza's "engagement" party. Got them back to Wellington and the next weekend I excitedly tried them on - but to my dismay they ended up being Holden stud pattern. Even thought they were sold as "Falcon wheels" With Wagnats looming fast, I got out the oversized and seriously depleted chequebook and bought a brand new set of 8" Tridents off the Tard. A few days later I had them and some tyres mounted up and the car was finally rolling (oh yeah the guy sold it sans wheels and had sent it up on 4 different wheels, some held on with barely a thread holding the wheel on. They ranged from a 8"wide 12 slot to a stock Hiace 14" rim and a 16" EF Falcon XR6 mag wheel. Anywho, the car was now rolling and a week before Wagnats I snuck the car under the cover of darkness to my wheel alignment man, I hid it at his workshop for a couple of days and then stashed it at my house, away from prying eyes (my lockup is the entire other side of town) Wagnats rolled around and it had it's debut. Won "Mintest Wag" and Strokers Choice. Both of which I was pretty fucking stoked to win. I've done fuck all to it other than give it a bit of a birthday in the servicing department, got all the wheels pointing mostly the same direction and threw on a set of 14x8" Tridents. It is a solid 7.5-8 out of ten in the body (had a bare metal respray a year or so back) and looks like they did a good job, including all the shuts etc. Running gear and suspension etc is a really good 8-8.5 out of ten, very very little in the way of bangs and knocks when driving along. The motor goes grouse now and the transmission does what it needs to do (oh yeah - this wee puppy is bench seat & column shift.. shit yes!) Where it all falls down is the interior. I give it a 3-3.5 out of ten. It's all there (mostly) but half the trim has been broken or screwed back together with wood screws and what have you. The front bench is pretty fucking poked too and is supported by a towel or two wedged into the exposed springs - nothing a car seat cover won't hide for now. That's OK though, I can slowly accumulate all the stuff I need to renew the interior at not too great of a cost and then once I have it I can chuck it all in for hopefully a nice tight insides. It was hilarious getting rid of the rubbish all through the inside when I got it, an empty bottle of classy Chardon was jammed under the seat and random Waikato and Speights bottle caps strewn throughout. Good ol Gore pisswagon living up to it's heritage. I don't even remember doing it but managed to drunkenly procure a set of 9" Tridents one night recently. So those will be tidied up and go on the back, then I want to find a pair of 245-50-14 Eagers for the front and drop the front spring an inch or so too and add an 1-2 inch lowering block in the rear and I reckon she'll look the part for a bit. Anyhow enough numbers and letters. Here is a couple of snaps I took tonight after the monthly meet. It's still filthy from Wagnats and the back has some freight I picked up tonight. But it gives a nice start to the project. I reckon it can only get better. Your pal Seedy.
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    Ever since I was a pimply faced, 18 year old, screech, I've had a dream of getting a bmw into what is the worlds biggest bmw mag, Performance BMW UK. Fast forward through about 5 or 6 bmws later, and I flicked my build thread through to the mag, not expecting much. I almost shat myself with excitement when I got quite an enthused reply from the editor. The main problem she was worried with, was, who would do the photos? I excitingly replied, as I had just the guy. In steps our favourite krump dancing, banana spinning, camera snapping gentleman, Richy. On the day of the shoot, Richy boots me out of bed to get that golden shower of light out in Pohangina, and after some hatchback carting for the rolling shots by Waggy tail times, and some skids from Cam, we were complete. Thanks Richy, me ol' pal. Boy oh boy it took some time for the magazines to finally get here, but I tied my hands behind my back and resisted from downloading a copy, so that for the first time, I could turn the pages just like I imagined as a little shitbag. http://oldschool.co.nz/2011/forum/index.php?/topic/29495-sparkles-bmw-of-supermega-happy-hell-yes/
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    Good day today, lots achieved and a cracker day for it. As you always do, I hoped it would spray out immaculate and I'd never have to touch it but it ended up a little peely and some shit stuck in it. So I'll have to cut and buff it, I really hate doing it but. both my repairs on the mounting areas for the cowl vents cracked when I screwed in, bit gay but not super phased. Very jazzed on the original front, looks so much better than the plastic grille. while I was waiting for it to flash off I replaced the diff pinion in the pontiac so double project win. tomorrow I'll crack into painting the pillars and doors satin black in and out then wham on the new rubbers I got from basis and hang the doors back on.
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    Brought this home today, it's the reason for selling the hardtop. It's a 68 Plymouth Valiant, has a 'leaning tower of power' 225, auto, has power steer, 13" wheels hah, drums all round. Most of the paint is original, it has a couple of bits where it's been repaired that need touching up. I'll probably get it repainted in the same colour at some point. It belonged to a mate of mine that died in 2015. It's a bit special to me because of that, I went with him to have a look at it, had one of the sketchiest rides I've ever experienced when we went for a drive after he got out of hospital and was still on something. He always wanted to put a V8 etc in it but he ran out of time. His family kept it since but decided to sell it, and his mum rang me to give me first option on buying it. They are keen to see it get an 8 so it will get the turbo 318, 727 and 9" I was going to put in the hardtop. I'll drive it for a while till I've got everything ready then bolt it all in. Obviously this one will need a brake upgrade as well and I'll put some 15" wheels of some sort on it
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    Quick snapshot of my 2 year restoration of a 1981 Purvis Eureka Kitcar Manufactured in Australia by Allan Purvis Original design in England by Richard Oakes in 1971 called a Nova This car orignially had a ford V4 (approx 84HP) I bought the car less motor so it now has a Subaru 2L with Garrett turbo (286HP) now it goes as good as it looks. Link to the discussion thread: http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54179-eureka-1981-purvis-eureka-f4/
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    She's on the ground and goes. Well kinda goes. Not that bad for 22 days including this morning
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    All reged wofed and certed! Secondtune with vvti turned on. Made 6hp more but moved all the previous power to instant. Time to start using and abusing
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    richie is very very good at taking pictures. IMG_6716 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6743 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6760 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6875 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6848 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6974 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6889 by Richard Opie, on Flickr IMG_6786 by Richard Opie, on Flickr
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    so the car has just come back from Greg's where it has had a full cut and polish. its pretty much done now. there are two things left to do, adjust the door glass so it seats in the rubber s better and paint the rear badge. thats it. its done. hard to believe really but it is. the new owner has joined OS and will be involved in OS events for the future so imi sure you'll see the car around. for what could be the last post by me in this thread here are some bad photos of trying to show how fucking amazing it looks after polishing. 2016-06-08_06-43-53 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-08_06-44-17 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-08_06-44-30 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-08_06-44-51 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-06-08_06-45-03 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Went back to this possum palace place again, super muddy and slippery. Only one way to get around the place, max rpm. I also mowed their lawn, since im such a good cunt
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    drove this for the very 1st time today. not bad for 22 days ago it was on axle stands and i was cutting the other floor pan out.
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    More progress made! Now has BC Golds for a S13 all round, S14 front hubs and carriers. still running standard R30 bottom arms but have the longer S14 ones there as well. Front lip going back on this week after the new turbo back exhaust is made. Got a couple more small things to tidy up and then should be set for cert!
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    Dropped the second half on with no drama. So its all bolted up now and ready to go to the foundry at the end of the week. Nailed it Thats like 1000hrs work right there!
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    my Hypertune intake manifold turned up and its fucking amazing 2016-07-25_04-58-11 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-25_04-58-21 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-25_04-58-43 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-25_04-58-52 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-07-25_04-59-03 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    So thanks to Josh for his efforts in getting this tank ready, its now in my driveway. Couldn't really afford it but couldn't let the opportunity slip. Kinda surreal in that I have never bought a car before that I've been content with at time of purchase. So far I haven't even popped the bonnet. Just jumped in, thrown the chronic 2001 in the CD player and clocked up a few kms getting to know the way it drives (like a 6 yarder truck) But I love it. Thanks again Josh.
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    http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53732-snoozins-79-two-point-five-s-its-for-sporty/ I did it again. The pine set in too strong and I ended up with another of the finest 4 door sedans to grace this fine earth. A Triumph 2500, this time in facelift flavour (my first post 74 example) and a sport 'S' spec model to suit. I had arranged to grab it earlier this year, and finally got around to picking it up in May, after the previous owner completed a few classic car runs/shows/etc's in it. It was originally a white car, and has been resprayed some years ago, door jambs, inside of boot, under the bonnet, everything. The paint's ok, it's not super wonderful but it presents well enough for now. It's a manual overdrive model, good tan interior and has done a shitload of KM but underneath is solid and appears to have been looked after, with excellent condition bushes and wearable components. Pics the day we drove it home. 20160515_104545 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20160515_105939 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20160515_105955 by Richard Opie, on Flickr I set about collating my Triumph 2500 owners starter kit in the interim. Had these wheels forever and a day, but elected to give them a bit of a polish and tidy up. 20160417_141021 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Then I popped a Nardi I have also had for a number of years on it. 2016-08-16_09-25-39 by Richard Opie, on Flickr I've done some other stuff too. It's now leaking with a volume akin to a burst dam gushing from somewhere at the back of the motor, so that's this weekends task. Thanks ok bye see you at a meet one day.
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    This sentence requires some amending: Alright alright, so maybe this doesnt make much sense compared to turbo or supercharger or whatever. And maybe some pessimistic people will say "Carrying both fuel and oxidizer in an old car is an idiotic idea and you're going to blow up" Well guess what? Lots of other things have carried both fuel and oxidizer on board without major issues. The Messerschmidt 163 Komet carried Hydrogen Peroxide as an oxidizer. It featured an impressively low rate of dissolving its pilots (less than 1 in 10) which was better than any other rocket powered aircraft in service at time (none, therefore it was the best) The Challenger spacecraft flew NINE successful missions with both on board, before having a minor fuel/oxidizer interaction issue on the 10th: Also lets stop and consider that the titanic didnt carry an oxidizer on board, and yet it killed way more people than both the Komet Challenger combined... And didnt even do anything cool like shoot down bombers or fly around the planet. 0% success rate! As you can see from the above evidence, Nitrous is not only highly entertaining, but also has only a very limited probability of causing your vehicle to explode. It's far from a certainty!
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    So uhhh more things have happened, though I have very few pics because my sd card has been failing for awhile and I didn't notice. Dave and I ummed and ahhhd about the shitty UJ angles, and it was clint who gave us the idea to use cv joints from a commodore driveshaft. So we crawled around under some smelly commodores and fetched the sloppiest driveshafts zebra had to offer. I don't have any pics of what they looked like factory but here's what an end looks like. The adaptor that bolts to the cv and slides into the gearbag Here's the adaptor that bolts between cv and diff. Got some aliexpress exhasut wrap and did a thing. Lots of grunting, swearing, hitting and drilling and driveshaft loop is in. I wanted to move the spring perch forward so the diff can happily sit back further, threaded rod tells me where to put the centre of the perch. So It was about now that I got real unhappy at how much toe in it had, and I was real eager to have a go at fixing it, unfortunately my phone didn't save heaps of pics. How to bend diff: 1) remove everything not a diff case and make a jig around it to stop it flying into orbit when the welds break. 2) remove centre bits from diff head and spin up some bushes from delrin to replace the carrier bearings 3) spin up an "axle" from a piece of bar 4) put the things in place and now you can measure where your "axle" is sitting in the housing and use secret dave maths to calculate camber and toe 5) use bottle jack to abuse the diff case into submission 6) measure, success, marvel at the simplicity After this, dave very kindly donated his steel barrels and tyres (bruh skids on) for me to make some wheels that fit, I don't have any pics of this either but it briefly features on snapchat (thanks pooman) So yea grind the flange from the barrel that used to be there from a previous life, cut the shit out of a townace centre and hydraulic press that bitch in. Bolt onto car, adjust offset and run out with DTI magnetted to a mazda engine block and you're good to go to glue it together. Somewhere in amongst all that, dave sneakily tightened the shit out of the gilies and I believe it's tuned to a high c? They look absolutely perfect on the car, I couldn't be happier. Huge thanks to dave the tame machinist, he didn't choose the brap life.
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    low added. front still needs to come down a bit more but thats almost right. 2016-05-04_05-11-01 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-05-04_05-12-30 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    I have been looking around for a while for a new work truck, wanted to go old school and update it to modern running gear and some creature comforts. I didnt have much of an idea but liked the look of older Chev trucks, did some reading and looking and got to this point. Truck will be in the country mid April, it is currently running a 327 and manual gearbox, and pretty much stock apart from that. Plan is to get it complied with existing running gear then modernise a wee bit. I have an LS3 and 6L80 trans and all associated wires and mechanical stuff in my warehouse now (cart before horse) and maybe a front end suspension transplant from a later truck and a diff with a lower ratio. this one will be either a 4.11 or 4.56 ish I believe, so a bit on the highside. While the intention wasn't to start/have another project, Im quite fizzed up about it. Going to keep it stock looking, no fancy wheels or any of that crap. Will get some hand painted signage on it, I want it to look like it was always there.
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    after many, MANY long nights and heaps of help from friends its just about ready for its first start. Brendan is coming over friday to help me get it running and do a preliminary road tune so i can run it in. there have been issues along the way to get it here but its ready to go now. 2016-08-03_07-57-11 by sheepers, on Flickr 2016-08-03_07-57-22 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Been sharing these around a bit. Looking forward to a drive in the sun and a spin of the back wheels.
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    Drove to Timaru. Entered a show. Had a good time.
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    Right, so this happened then this Even managed to get it insured...... So yeah all done, well not really still needs an interior and some paint touchups but that can wait, its now time to put some kms on it, this has been a pretty long project so now all I am going to do is enjoy driving it. Pretty funny car to drive gets a fair few looks some good some not so good and mostly surprised, gas mileage is so bad, like next level bad, I took it out today and my average was about 4.4kms per liter but it is running really rich (yeah that'll be it, not the rotary under the bonnet ha ha), anyway combine that with the 30l Anglia tank and I am going to be spending some time at the gas station for sure! The biggest problem that I will have now is keeping it under 5000RPM (so hard to do when all it wants to do is rev....) for the next 1000kms which is what the engine builder recommended, work is about a 30km round trip so I only have to do that 34 times and at current gas milage it will only cost me about $500 ha ha ha Anyway it's all good And I will leave this as the last shot, and in my opinion the best angle of the car
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    Booked this in for a WoF today. Didnt quite make it all the way. (run out of gas) Lucky i had someone who thought it was flippin hilarious driving the support vehicle Looks pretty cool even busted on the side of the road, but "get the fuel sender working" is now at the top of the list! Ive put about 30l of gas in it since i put the tank back in, and ive driven it maybe 3km, so not sure where it all went! Cruising in traffic. Goes pretty good, but i think i will get the radiator swapped out for a newer one that doesnt leak and maybe a couple of pusher fans. Dash guage reads near the top of normal when its sitting, but the mechanical one reads normal (~90degC), but thats in the lower hose. Up on the hoist. Nice to see the underside from more than a foot away! Guys were pretty happy with it. !!!WOF AQUIRED!!! After that popped around to Mr and Mrs Grants to show off, and went to Burger Fuel for lunch in it, gets lots of looks and thumbs up, and 'what is its?' Swung by the beach for a surf check on the way home No surf, so then made a start on the post-WoF list of things to sort! - Fuel sender - wheel alignment - radiator + fans - door & boot locks (no key for any of them) - more driving!
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    All the outer moulds made with runner/sprue etc. Time to work on the inner core patterns and hopefully pour one early new year. Working out runner system Lower half of the mould Upper half with sprue and filter
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    2016-08-22_03-55-20 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Chucked the wheels on, and adjusted the aprings to ensure a lower ride height with an increased spring rate. Also replaced stuff on Saturday, including: - rear main seal - rear main seal housing gasket - sump gasket - input shaft seal - full clutch kit No bolts left over.
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    I'd wanted an Estate for quite some time but never thought I'd end up owning this particular example. That is until I saw it for sale on a Facebook Triumph page (yes such a thing exists). However it was well out of my price range so I pined over it and got about fiddling with the many other cars in my life. But a while later I found out that the engine had let go and that the price was heavily reduced. The engine issue didn't phase me, but I was still a bit worried that I couldn't afford it. After plenty of discussion between myself and the owner, I decided to drive down to Tauranga and take a look at it in person. A deal was struck and I made plans to come back that weekend and collect the car. So with the help of @Tumeke and his Dad's 2.4 petrol LWB L300, we hitched a hired trailer and set about collecting the car. IMG_8129 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8132 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8133 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr The L300 towed surprisingly well and we trundled along at a leisurely pace back to Auckland, along with a stop in Ngatea for some fuel for both the van and ourselves. IMG_8137 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8139 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr Once in its new home, I poured a fresh four litres of oil into it, wound the engine over until it had a bit of oil pressure and fired it up. The car had a horrible knock when I went to see it because it had been run with no oil. It will run okay at idle but there is still a faint knock from time to time so it will have its engine removed to be stripped and inspected. It currently resides in my shed under a cover while I sell a lot of the other projects and parts that I have. This is the car that I've always wanted so the plan is to fix the engine, run it in for a WoF, get it road legal and start fixing it slowly while it remains regularly driven. It has suffered much neglect which is not apparent in the pictures but I am confident I can rectify this.
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    Fuck Dave (sentradave) and Evan are fucken good. Also gotta put it to geophy also. These guys a helping a shit load with this build. Even had rhyscar over tonight helping out where he could for a little bit. Today we got water pipes completed and the base of the heater channels welded on looking stronger than ever. We assembled my front beam that I kindly borrowed off Joel. I think I'm going to have to cave in and buy a friken narrowed beam and some drop spindles to make this thing really work. Rhyscar also put my brake lines In and made it look good. Had mitchfromhilcrest pop in once his mower decided to shit the bed and quickly put him to work He made great progress on my exhuast and shit yeah it's going to be loud. Earlier in the morning I also checked to see if my engine lid will fit also. Yup that's going to fit. Wicked. Off to the painters that goes also. Ned also fucked his tyre on his way home so I sorted him a new tyre and he helped out cutting and holding stuff. These people are awesome. Thanks everyone so far helping. You guys rock.
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    Bit of CAD on a T57 front spring hanger.
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    Got the tray and cab back on. Plenty of room for the exhaust to go out between the chassis rails and guards. The cab was sitting slightly on the driveshaft hoop, so cut a hole and made a patch. Then cut a big hole in the floor!
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    Brown car left on a trailer headed to dunedin on saturday, so spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out the garage and went and got the white one back from storage, so i could start getting this one ready for Nats. Had the radiator fixed, it had a couple of small leaks, I think the 16 pound cap probably didn't help, put a 7pound one on instead. Have ordered some new seatbelts from www.classicseatbelts.co.nz so just waiting for those to arrive. gave the brakes a once over, greased and checked the front end, and for now have borrowed the wheels off the vg, I didnt trust the tyres on a long trip. Also I thought it would be rude to not remove some of the height out of the front while it was jacked up, so I did.
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    Oh so I gave up on selling the wagon. Mate has offered swap jobs on upholstery for rust work and getting my wagon to wof stage. So with out further notice I chucked it on a trailer and sent took it to his place to work on. So the next day he sent me a snap chat of it running quite nice. The plan was to sell it to help out the future me and Beth. But I mentioned to Beth I didn't want to sell it (she knew this already and didn't want me to sell it either and wanted to see it used) this is why I got down on one knee. Any way back on track I said that maybe we could sell her golf and her use my Subaru and she's ment to be getting a work car so hopefully all falls into plan and we get a Wof on it over the next 6 months. She agreed.
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    Some more rust, this time the cowl vent. The channel where the rubber seal sits needs to be completely replaced. The other piece that is spot welded underneath just needs a few small holes patched up. Attempted to use a shrinker/stretcher to make up individual pieces but it wouldn't stretch enough for the tight radius. So then I thought about other ways and decided to try and form it out of one piece. Drew up some cad drawings and got them laser cut. After one hour of smacking it with a hammer. Came out way better than expected. Just needed to fold the inside up now. The inner corners required heating as they needed some decent stretching. The shape and fitment turned out as good as my measuring and cad drawing skills.
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    A very exciting evening was had for us. We drove the wagon for the first time. In fact it’s the first time its been on the road since around 1999. I had been intending to have it ready to put through a Wof test on Thursday so we can hopefully take both Vivas to the Nelson area Oldschool meet in the weekend. But it turned out that my wof fella was booked out then. So I booked it for tomorrow and with that little carrot dangling in front of us we both set to work pronto to finish lots of little jobs. We almost had the list checked off but for fitting the bonnet, a side mirror and getting the windscreen washers sorted. The mirror will have to be a little purse mirror taped into the empty side mirror shell that I nicked from the Datsun 120y sitting out back. The windscreen washer is the original old push button type that I just need a reservoir for and the bonnet is now on in place after some quick rust repairs… I also pinched a filter from Hannahs Triumph wagon. It fits well enough and will do until I get something nicer.. Before it got too late in the day I thought I’d better take it for a drive. Its not idling right and shakes about a bit. My timing light bulb is blown so I cant check the timing. I can’t do it statically with a bulb and some wire as it now has electronic ignition. So I just twisted the dizzy until it sounded about right. The carb jet height is set at two turns down since I stripped it, as per Mr Haynes advice . I have no idea what’s going on but it runs. I jumped in and left the shed. I drove down the slope from the shed and heard a loud sound. Ha..I forgot that I had not cut the front lower corner of the front arches away to clear the wider wheels (a standard mod needed for Vivas) . Back into the shed again and out with the angle grinder. Then back out again and this time a little drive just up our driveway to start with. Brakes needed a good application to scuff off the rust on the discs but otherwise it was OK. Took some photos when it was at the top of our drive… I really like this next photo I took from our field with all its spring growth.. ( I have given up on mowing up here).. Hannah walked down and got the recycling bin and tried out the wesome useful load space.. Then back to the shed. I grabbed my tool box, phone and a shirt to stay warm for a possible walk home. First drive on the road here we go. OK not a biggy.. just 3km down the road to the beach. Hey wow.. it goes well! It wanders a little bit and needs and alignment but peppier than I expected. Steering is very light and the clutch is fine. Pretty quiet for a car with no bonnet and no carpets etc. It fun. Excited. Happy! Wow.. I did it. Yay. Down at the beach some old lady remarked how she used to own a Viva when she spotted it as I snapped some photos. I was sort of in an elated but slightly nervous, excited mood and didn’t really concentrate too much on what photos to take. I just snapped away and was happy to be there in the sun after all this time working on it. Drove home and showed the neighbour over the road. We spotted a weeping header tank seam on the radiator… Oh well.. hopefully it’ll hold for a trip to town and the test and I’ll get it sorted out later on. Water pump leaks too but I have 3 spares so will swap one in. Hopefully tomorrow I will also get the bulb for my timing light and properly have a crack at tuning it better. Next to Viva one and getting Kevins approval.. Please wish me luck with the test tomorrow!
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    Getting ready for superlap / OS drags! Pulling out the passenger/rear seats equates to 40kg lost, since I'll not really be doing much with this car this summer apart from racing etc I figure I can live without that stuff for a while. In the interests of DaveScience I bought something fun to play with... Thermal imaging camera! (Before anyone says, yes, I do know this is a stupid waste of money compared to things that could make my car go faster, yada yada. But its fun so shaddup) Check out on the middle right hand side of the screen... That's a relay getting hot haha! The main car related reason I want this, apart from just doing nerdy stuff with it is so I can really quickly check tyre temps at trackdays, and decide if I need to raise/lower pressure or adjust camber etc. Previously I've been using an IR temp gun to measure 3 spots across each tyre which is a bit fiddly, and I've had to write down the results in a notebook otherwise I forget. However now, I've got an instantaneous record when I take a photo that I can review later. Awesome! I had a quick look at the tyres on the Echo after doorting around a bit, can see temperature differences across the tyre really well. Some other points of interest so far... My idea that the fuel rail bolts were heat soaking the fuel rail, and that it would be a good idea to insulate the rail and bolts? Seems to be legit! I this picture the fuel rail is the black part, you can see how much hotter the bolts and head are. Also it's interesting to look at the heat wrap on the exhaust, interesting to note such a variation in some spots compared to others. Considering that to the naked eye they look pretty uniformly wrapped. Cant wait to have a play with this at the next trackday I head to, when everything has really heated up properly. Can gather so much info in such a short amount of time which is cool/useful because temps can change pretty quickly in the pits. Especially since I'll be running R888s and will be trying to string the maximum amount of life out of a single set. It's also going to be really cool for looking at before/after changes to radiator ducting etc which is something I'm planning on. As coolant temps were creeping up last track day. Not gonna lie I'm pretty excited to go around taking temp photos of pretty much everything hahaha. Even just looking at clouds etc is pretty fascinating because they just look so different at this wavelength.
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    it goes!!! done all of about 11Ks in it but it definitely feels different, like way more torque, WAY more. i think one of the cam seals is leaking so ill chuck a new one in it tomorrow and i don't like the clutch master (its really light and has to much travel) so ill chuck the next size up on it tomorrow as well. then, drive it. yay indeed. 2016-08-05_04-31-30 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    I was waiting for the long weekend to cross some bigger jobs off the list and managed to! - Put good dash pad in - Cleaned and painted instrument cluster - Cleaned and rust killed floors and etch painted, sealed up screw holes and seams, rubber bungs in - Cleaned and painted glovebox hinge panel (left as much as I could of the factory sticker with key info and tyre pressure/fuel chart) - Made covers for the rear wheel arches, lower B pillars and exposed parts of the floor the carpet does not cover with some patterned plastic sheet - Painted dash top and the area under the rear screen which are visible. - New carpets - Vinyl died seats. Don't know how long it will last but we will see. The cans sprayed too narrow so I emptied them into spray gun and got a great even application. - Put stereo in properly - Epoxy glued splits in the centre console - Factory accelator pedal back on Still need to make a shifter boot and pick up another demister vent from a mate.
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