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    You can't just say "build space stuff" then bugger off. SPACE STUFF!!
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    Spent some time on the weekend with the help of @kempy with good results. Some of the stuff I remember: Changed one-way valves on injector pump, cleaned points, bled injectors, replaced injector, adjusted fuel regulator to 110psi pressure, cleared return line, adjusted overfuel lever, replaced 6 (yes 6) totally dead spark plugs, re-timed and marked ignition, swapped distributors, lost all the hair on my arms and temporary hearing whilst fireball from backfire on intake gave @Geophy and @Threeonthetree a good laugh (possibly due to me holding a can of engine start that was also on fire) and then started car. Next steps - sounds like slight miss on one cylinder but no cooling system plumbed in, so, reinstall radiator, tweak, and do skids / road test / fix all the other stuff I find broke. Finally making progress = win.
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    Last repair to do on the passenger side was the rear section, behind the wheels. The bog here was over 15mm thick in places. Fucken rough. As it goes with chasing rust, this ^^ soon turned into this. The outer and inner skins were rooted where the dirt and shit had been sitting for years. New inner skin was sused. Then the outer was made, including around the back behind the bumper. And before it was hit with the rattle can. Short story, the passenger floor annoyed me so I replace the entire lower half of the van. Tomorrow I'll put it back together and drive it for a week before I replace the drivers rear wheel arch section. When is enough, enough?
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    Well, ive been trying to get this old nugget going again. I have been working on it off and on over summer, when it wasnt too hot and I could be bothered. Firstly, i put some decent wheels on it : SSR Longchamp XR4 15x7.5 -14 Rear. 15x7.0 +11 Front. Was a real hassle getting them polished and machined up locally but got there in the end. Fitted the biggest front mount intercooler that I could for the size available. 3 full days of cutting carefully, making mounts etc. and I probably had the fucking thing in and out 20 times. 300X600X76 Aeroflow core with 3 inch end tanks. It was cheap and should be ample for my needs. Sorted a turbo smart 38mm external wastegate, Started the wiring, pretty basic really. I bought a new N14 GTIR alloy radiator - fits this engine bay pretty well and am about to start mocking up the aluminuim intercooler pipes next. Also fitted a genuine Walbro 255L fuel pump, was a bit of pissing around but got it mounted eventually. No rust in the fuel tank, not a single spec! Pretty happy with that. The saga continues, should be running in a few weeks hopefully.
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    Got the fwd alternator bracket to work with the rwd water pump. this lifts the alternator up out of the way of top suspension link. and bit further away from mud and crap. just had to modify the top mount to bolt to top water outlet and waterpump. also make a new inlet for water pump fwd bracket already had some racing holes in it from when it was on the starlet? Started making some towers to go around the towers. getting the sheet to do what i wanted wasn't much fun,, but turned out alright after being thrown on the floor a few times not much clearance to turbo is main issue
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    The little Fiat seemed to be running horrendously rich. There was fuel oozing out around the emulsion tube due to a bad seal. Also, it turns out the mixture screw was set 7 full turns out... 6 and a half turns in later and it's much better. I took it for a good fang up the road and the plugs are a much nicer colour. 3 days after this, a carb kit turned up. So easy to get at, I love it. Minutes later... Take one of these and call me in the morning.
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    Post Nats update: Tightened front left wheel bearing, rolled guards a bit more, installed oil, de-greased some bits, changed polarity of windscreen washer so that it squirts instead of sucks. Will remember to take pics next time. Things to do: Fix brake shudder. Still driving it lots. Weekend jaunt on some closed roads (it said ROAD CLOSED AHEAD, not road closed....) around the Clevedon coast with some OSGCs.
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