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    Time has been marching on, and I haven't touched the van for ages, as I have been so busy with other things.So I decided to book it in at work, as we have a new fabricator just started, and he is rather good! First job was to make the trans mount, and exhaust system. The trans crossmember is a tubular design, from 1 3/4" roll cage tubing. The exhaust is TIG welded 304 stainless, 2" primaries into 3" main pipe, and large muffler with side exit pipe. Next week will be a new engine crossmember and mounts, to a similar tubular design as the trans mount. Also a swirl pot for the fuel injection, weld in the battery tray on the RH side, wiring, fuel lines, air intake, etc.
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    Stupid update #3Thought I'd save Darrell the shit job of bolting up the front fenders as some dickhead (me) thought Stainless allen head bolts would be "cool" pointless photo. shitty photo.they do look pretty, I hope I never have to touch them again, the ones up behind the headlight buckets were pigs!Started cleaning up all the dash components, ignition switch came up awesome! love the solid old quality these old "economy" cars have. I got a new/old dip switch awhile ago, which I had also cleaned up and fitted.My original switch fucked out years ago and was replaced with a modern version which when used would make this hollow boing! sound. the lovely old one makes a very satisfying "click clack" like a small rifle being loaded. much better.had to test fit the tail lights. yeah.did a few other wee things like fitted the engine lid seal, polished up the dirty old fuel line and started to suss fitting that, also pulled the new wiring loom out of its box for the first time, would like to try and feed it through the roof before I stick the body back on the pan.
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    So the bolts were exactly were I left them. these two are getting all pally, who knows what it may lead to.... could be the start of a beautiful thang.
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    Bit more progress today. Made up some bracketry to mount my generic electric fans to the slam panel, ahead of the ae86 rad. Really fiddly getting them to sit right against the rad without attaching them directly to it, but got there in the end. Even managed to modify the original kp radiator clamps to hold it all in place, pleasing. Also wrapped the exhaust manifold. Needs a bit more wrapping, but waiting for some more steel ties to turn up.
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    Managed to find some time this week to finish tidying up the upper control arms. I got all carried away and gave them a couple of coats of paint and then took them into work and pressed in the new bushes. Looking very flash now. I am going to take the good advice of OS Valiant gurus and do the lower arm and radius rod bushes as well but that will be next weeks fun.
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    so not too much actual build progress has been going on for this thing but i have been aquiring a few parts. Have ordered a set of 1.85" Black rims out of Maylasia, these should be here soon, coupled with black hubs and the new chrome spokes i got they should look the businessss with 2.75" tah on the front and undecided for rear yet, wither 2.75 again of maybe a 3.00. main exciting news was a wrote a letter to NZTA asking if i could keen my chur as black plate cos black plates are cool, sent them a photo of it with the letter then like a week later i got a letter back saying i could and to take this in when you go to re register it. 5 minutes later at the local AA at $66 dollars poorer and i left with this - Pretty stoked about that, yay for the beach / cheap rego. nek on the parts hoard was a new legsheild, tick - then a new front brake cable, cush drive, and front end rebuild kit, tick have also got bars, throttle mech, have ordered an 8 pin cdi and loom, bunch of gaskets, next week ill order my 140cc GPX engine and PZ30 mikuni carb, so will pretty much have anything except a seat and tyres. dont want to rip into it quite yet as im still rebuilding a shitty old CT110 that i got, chucked a good weekend at that last week and got it all stripped and painting, just chugging away at the reassembly of that at the moment, hopefully finish up this weekend, just need to true up the rear wheel after i relaced it with new spokes, wrong thread but it doesnt have its on so here is a pic dump of that wee side project - shes a 1994 ag spec CT110 with Hilow box Pretty keen to get this C50 together and to see what it looks like with the mix of nice new parts and super patina paint, hopefully comes out as i am expecting and not just looking like a polished turd!
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    So.. about 4 years ago I brought this little banger off a kid in Cambridge. He didn't want it anymore as it wasn't as fast as all his friend's skylines and shit. I thought cool, I'll take it. This is pretty much how i brought it Nice standard and straight. Good little 1.3 that went hard for the first year i had it untill i managed to get hold of a 1.6 to chuck in. This is back in 2015. We put the 1.6 straight in, was a cunt of a job without the extractors being on a flange... many a curse word was yelled at me from my brother as he helped me out. The 1.6 went hard for about 6 months until christmas day 2015 where it decided to melt a piston going over the kaimais... So off i went on an adventure to melbourne to work and save money for this engine i wanted to get rebuilt. decided to stick with the 1.6 xflow over a pinto as i felt it suited it better than a pinto and also i wouldnt have to get a cert... 6 months past and i returned from melbourne and the rebuilt banger was ready to be picked up from Stick Automotives in Ohaupo. Fully rebuilt with all new internals. Bored out and honed, 1300 pistons, lumpy cam, 10-1 comp, Ported and Polished head.. blah blah the list goes on. Was made to have sidedrafts but they were not in the budget so it got the 28/36 dcd put back on it... Fast forward 7 months, the old twin throat just wasnt coping with the amount and gas i wanted to give it so managed to score me a set of twin 40 delorotos off trade me for next to nothing.. got them rebuilt and chucked on Another 6 months went by which to about feb this year. Moved back to tga from auckland, engine started running like a sack of shit so took it into dynopower to get it properly tuned and balanced... Boy what a difference that made. turns out the little banger is putting out 150hp..
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    The Adams Family will most likely be there.
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    As per project thread it's road legal, have been going through my emails and text correspondence with compliance place, can't believe it took so long for what, after the panel work, was so little. Anywho, made a cameo at auckland burgermeat on wednesday night, looking forward to a drive or few this weekend
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    You will always be a golden faggot, cunt. See you there.
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    Decided to start a thread on my latest build as I feel its one of my best yet and its quite a short build time and very low budget using spare parts from another QCR mate Aaron. Bit of Japanese inspiration and a bit of American chopper styling with the front end and stance Frame is a stock dimension Honda C50 with a additional top tube. Wheels are 17 stock rear . 19" front Forks are unknown model but 300mm longer than stock Bars are off a earlier build called the Hound. Nice pullback and quite narrow with invertes cross to keep the god botherers at distance Whipped up a sissy / seat pan which Lewis is currently re trimming Taillight is slightly bigger than a matchbox from Aarons spares Headlights are swapmeat specials Motor is semi auto Lifan 125 Exhaust is straight thru Stainless steel from a good mate Jesse. Nice lobsterback with flared tip Paint was done with grafitti cans from my good mate Mark . Tried a bit of fading and im happy with first attempt. Then jammed a Dulux Duramax metal flake Clearcoat. Shit is poppin in the sun ! Not much longer and ill have it popping wheelies and tires !
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    Sweet black plate with white dicks m8.
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    KEEN. Might have to bring you down some Triumph bits too.
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    I made this a couple years ago using a mates workshop, tools and help. He said to me if I ever decide to get rid of it, be sure to send it his way. Last year that time came...so I gave it to him to keep. It seemed only fair considering without his help I never would've been able to build it i first place. I told him about the drome racing and sent him a YouTube link...now he's keen as! So too are two more mates, so if possible we have a gang of 4 ready to take on the dome!
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    I ended up getting a brand new one off a local company im friends with. And yes i know its probably very expensive but i wanted it asap. $285 for a brand new one never been used.
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    This makes zero sense to me. Wankers
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    Ahh. So i made a bit of a large cock up. The cams were far too big for the original pistons, the valve reliefs were to small and when I was dialing in the cams the lobe was hitting the piston by a long shot. Instead of crying about it, I ordered some 82mm (2mm oversized) 12.5:1 compression pistons from Barry at MRP. Took my spare 7-rib block in to the machinists and got that block bored, cleaned and decked also. All is not lost with the other block, I will be using that in my AE86. I put some new frost plugs in the new block and gave it a blase of semi-gloss paint Whipped the head off of the old block Removed everything as it was instead of dismantling it (take pulley -> timing sprocket -> oil pump off, all to put it back on again) Went over to the NEW block, gapped the rings and dumped the goods in. Much better I set about to degree the cams, this time. No fowling on anything! Reconned alternator which is an 80A one It's nice to work on an engine and still have clean hands at the end of it. new bits e'ry where. So that's that for now, I will be installing the clutch and then putting it into the car next. Excited So, lesson. Do more research before completing an engine rebuild so you don't have to take all apart again. Talky talky. http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/#comment-1679349
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    Got a bit done on the pivots this afternoon. Needs more work, but I have some ideas to improve it like turning up some more plain bearings etc First step was to fill up the original fork holes with the "hot metal glue gun", then Linisher to bring back to flat again. Then I started the pivots Plain bearings and split pins will be added later, plus tidy it up.
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    next update, had to rebuild the calipers again grrrrr damn no longer stocked piston seals, any who rebuilt now and also ordered a kit for the front 3 pot calipers. still got my eye out for a transmition as i need to fix the release bearing anyway so may as well use it as an excuse to upgrade. hopefully next update will be quicker than this one.
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    ....you cant get that smell off your shoe? I also have a secret shame for the so wrong its right look of this shape in wagon form (my mum had a white one, blue interior)
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    Once you step foot into Vivadom.....
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    Been tempted to try one on a project. Have one in shed. Just surrounded by an ea i need to remove from it 1st lol
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