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    the good.the bad.the gun spat here on the left rear fender.so I stuck heaps of paint over it so I can hopefully polish it out so it sagged here.and when painting inside the air vent I made this mess, looks like I'll be learning to wet sand paint now!All in all I'm pretty stoked and glad it's over, heaps of runs and spots of over spray and areas of orange peel etc..but not bad for a noob in shed in west auckland.looking forward to assembly.
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    Made some brackets to mount the valves. For some reason the holes ended up too far out so had to slot them a little. They're held in with countersunk screws so it's all still flush underneath (not that anyone will be able to see underneath anyway haha). Played around a bit with the location for a while and decided this was the best. Wasn't really enough room for the compressor to fit in between. Will mount a compressor on each side of the bed, just above the exhaust area. Back to fitting and fixing the rust in the dash now. Cut out the good/un-butchered section of the dash that some idiot tried fitting a commodore cluster in. Glad to finally throw this shit out! Pic for motivation
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    Haven't done much more to the dash apart from fit it into the cab, as I am undecided how to approach the rusty holes under the gauges yet, a bit too many complex shapes! My Dad had a 55 Chevy steering column laying around, so we started to mock it up. The shaft out of that column had been welded in multiple places so we found another column that had a mint shaft and it was also longer so didn't need an extra universal joint added. The outer tube of the column was pretty average, had lots of extra holes, cutouts and had been shortened, so drew a new one up in Solidworks and got it put through the Tube laser at work. It's now made from 2 inch stainless tube.
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    Bought about a month or so ago. Old man's and wanted it in family so that was a yes from me Plans.. Cruise and Enjoy. Running 265 V8, New Edelbrock 500 carby.
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    So the bug made it into the pc mag. Cheers to @Snoozin for the great pics. Here are better pics with out the mag Again rolling shots are the tits You can really see how poo brown my interior is here. Go buy yourself a copy today.
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    The body is done! Just need to put some sealer on the underside of wheel arches then move onto the front guards and bonnet. Have a donor bonnet that's good apart from one back corner so will slice it off the blue one.
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    And the two crowns stashed away being friends in the all legal begal club.
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    Grass has been getting a little long. so time to give it a trim in other news, just been making a few things stronger, chassis panhard mount. added some braces to lower chassis links on the rear. pedal box was flexing the firewall/wiper tray even tho i took in all 9 of the factory bolt holes. added another bracket back to the cross bar. and hung the brake light switch off it grass trails p/s cap is out in the paddock somewhere
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    Not really an update, but I've owned this old sausage for 8 years this month. I might do something about the front seat next, it's never been very comfortable. And do some rustproofing after seeing pics of bart's vg, ha
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    Managed to get myself a 1200 wagon body. Not in too bad of condition, has a small bit of rust in body but nothing serious that cant be fixed. Bonnet is the worst part but have a replacement sorted. Will slowly fix up. Need to find and engine and box for it, then will send it off to get the rust taken out of it.
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    Seems to be working pretty good so far. got some softer springs on the way for the front. as its sitting a bit high. Now the front works better than the rear, and has shown up a few issues back there. is a bit harsh going over stuff compared to the front. Have adjusted the top spring lock out, so it stays on the softer spring rate till later in the travel, which has made it a little better. have got a few more things i can tweak, but will likely have to remount the rears for bit more up travel and add hydro bumps, to work as well as the front. thats not gonna happen anytime soon.
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    Engine bayback of dash/trunkdoor jams and inside of doorsinner wheelwellsand back side of rear valance.Done.
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    Hi to all im new on here and have the privlidge to start a project on a 1972 Ke25 Corolla im at the early stages at the moment just stripped the car down complete and had it sand blasted the plan is to fully upgrade to a Te27 all bodystyling, so will the help of you profesionals on here.
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    The bike is pretty much ready for stripping down and painting now, just have to finalise a couple more details
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    Had to make another steering column tube since the first one was too long and the spline didn't stick out from the end. Also made the slot for the shifter longer so it has more gear selection. Laser cut a mount out of 12mm Ali for the steering column, needs a little bit ground out of the main mounting hole as it's a bit small and the triangles could also be polished more. Have also polished the shifter/indicator part of the column, looks heaps better than the silver paint. The steering columns going to be the flashest part of the whole truck haha. Done a bit more to the dash, has come out really well, very happy with it. Wasn't sure how well this would turn out, but so far it's turned out mint. Can't really see from the photos but I also fixed the left gauge surround, as it was terribly deformed, the front face was flared out a bit/not flat and out of round so the gauges didn't fit. It's pretty good now, just has a small rust hole that needs fixing. Not looking forward to welding it as there's so much!
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    Parent hood is slowing progress but im determined to get this done for the next toyota fest. motor came out and striped the firewall ready for paint.I ended up getting the car touched up as i had put a few scratches and stone chips in it .Ive since just got it back from the painters at it looks so fresh,the metallic paint just pops off the shiny clear coat. things to do now is reassemble the whole car and get it ready for cert.i need to either fix my flywheel or find an aftermarket one,if my factory one doesn't work out would a JUN lightened flywheel work for street use? its 1.6kg lighter. Only thing stopping the motor going back in is flywheel,bolts and a clutch setup. also found a good set of SSR F.5 that just need a repaint and widen out to 14x8 hopefully this Canterbury weather holds out for weekend work on the car
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    Spent last night masking up.used nearly two whole rolls of tape! Still need the final sanding down, a few small spots need fine filling but getting close!Looks like I messed up the over lap on the removable valance, I would like to have painted it in place as above, but I didn't lay enough red down when I painted the engine bay so I'll have to paint it off the car, and I still need to suss out a spot for the small bits to be painted. maybe once the shell is done.
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    Then I was doing a patch in the sill and RAN OUT OF GAS. Fucking rage. So I was left to make all the rest of the body patches and rust kill and seal seams. While feeding rust converter all around through a hole, the brush posed no resistance.. FUUUUUUCK. Most akward placement. like an archaeological dig in the rear guard, that's about 4 inches of dirt. found a bulb. Luckily the rust hasn't eaten through the inner yet so took a good clean and rust kill. made patches for the bottom of the guard x2, outer C pillar x2, another 4 in wheel arch and the ugly one for the inner guard, coaxed the frame off the other front guard then gave up for the day.
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    Got the thing assembled...mostly Heres the cut and shut manifold we made, came out wicked, thanks nick! Was choked by the gasket set missing 2 sump parts and a rocker cover gasket... ACL set had lots of spare Manifold and hotbox gaskets and missing the vital ones. Permaseal has EVERYTHING! the set was left over from when engine builder supplied gasket set for wife's A14. And I too had permaseal from work. That and no crank pulley bolt. Pinched the wife's one while assembling and luckily remembered to give it back.
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    Here's the pics from making the seat 1/16 ally blocking the sheet to shape lots more hitting and shrinking around the edges A few passes through the wheel and its starting to look like something After final wheeling and trimming The base was made out of slightly thicker material, no blocking required though just a few passes through the wheel Mock up This is how the bike looked sometime in 2014, after this pic was taken progress pretty much stopped while i was working on other things
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    Not quite finished, but It goes
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    Hi Thought I'd share a couple of pics of my HQs Ute is all legal and running an angry 408 BBC. Statesman is a work in progress with a certed 350 in it. Original black plates and Rego on hold. Looking to rat rod this one. Just need front Carpet,wipers, paint and wheels.
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    Ahh. So i made a bit of a large cock up. The cams were far too big for the original pistons, the valve reliefs were to small and when I was dialing in the cams the lobe was hitting the piston by a long shot. Instead of crying about it, I ordered some 82mm (2mm oversized) 12.5:1 compression pistons from Barry at MRP. Took my spare 7-rib block in to the machinists and got that block bored, cleaned and decked also. All is not lost with the other block, I will be using that in my AE86. I put some new frost plugs in the new block and gave it a blase of semi-gloss paint Whipped the head off of the old block Removed everything as it was instead of dismantling it (take pulley -> timing sprocket -> oil pump off, all to put it back on again) Went over to the NEW block, gapped the rings and dumped the goods in. Much better I set about to degree the cams, this time. No fowling on anything! Reconned alternator which is an 80A one It's nice to work on an engine and still have clean hands at the end of it. new bits e'ry where. So that's that for now, I will be installing the clutch and then putting it into the car next. Excited So, lesson. Do more research before completing an engine rebuild so you don't have to take all apart again. Talky talky. http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/#comment-1679349
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    This is a project i have had on the go for quite a while now, it always seems to get put aside when other projects come up but i am determined to have it finished this year, Famous last words haha. I wanted something a bit different from the standard bantam and seeing as the project was a basket case i didn't feel bad about making something different out of it, so racer it was! Anyway here is a pic as it stands today I got given a basket case bantam project in 2013, i did a fair bit of work to the bike 2013-14 and most of the pictures following are from that period The project.... Frame with reassembled forks and rear suspension I got the engine cleaned up and back together with new seals, bearings, clutch pates, sprockets and gaskets I had the engine running at this point but i have since fitted a big fin 125cc barrel and head which i had bored to fit a new piston. BSA only made the big fin 125 for 1 year before going to the 150cc motor so i was quite lucky to get it, pic below is the small fin barrel Next job was making up some clip on bars Tacked on found some levers at a swapmeet as the original bantam ones are part of the handlebars At this point i decided on a colour, Ceramco blue so got some bits painted up And Tom Morris made me some stainless spokes for the rear Rear wheel laced up
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    Time has been marching on, and I haven't touched the van for ages, as I have been so busy with other things.So I decided to book it in at work, as we have a new fabricator just started, and he is rather good! First job was to make the trans mount, and exhaust system. The trans crossmember is a tubular design, from 1 3/4" roll cage tubing. The exhaust is TIG welded 304 stainless, 2" primaries into 3" main pipe, and large muffler with side exit pipe. Next week will be a new engine crossmember and mounts, to a similar tubular design as the trans mount. Also a swirl pot for the fuel injection, weld in the battery tray on the RH side, wiring, fuel lines, air intake, etc.
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    I'm back! had another jobs taking up all my spare time but that's out of the shed and I can forge on with Mine. in the interim, in no particular order I got some dobi springs and mk1 golf gas shocks, front of car bottoms out pretty bad when cornering and bumping. Probably doesn't have bump stops in there but may as well upgrade, they were cheap. Need to shorten the struts to accept the shorter golf shocks. nick the fab wizard at MFS has the manifolds and carbs to cobble together. I got Rob to spec up a cam and kelford ground it, gave stuff to ERS in tai tapu- head planed around a mil, he skimmed the block for free 'cause it looks good and the gasket will grip nice', and installed the cam bearings. brendon gave me a stack of rockers to go through and find a good one so I did, pulled it apart and cleaned up ready. picked engine up last nite so today I cleaned up the ports and casting marks, cleaned the head, lapped the valves, loaded the springs and put the rockers on. also cleaned and polished the crank, rehoned, cleaned out the block and galleries. i was in the mood to assemble it but a mate is keen to see how they go together so I'll hopefully do that this week.
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    That brings us to a couple of months ago where i saw that the bike was starting to rust and corrode from sitting around so i got back into it. first off was getting the seat finished cut out and fitted welded and filed up
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    this is what she ended up looking like as i drove it round for 6 or so months, Untill all of the oil decided to exit via the dipstick So i searched for ages for a replacement, and found a 393 windsor that a few of you may have seen on trademe. Its a ford motorsport block with 4 bolt mains, edelbrock alloy heads, scat crank rods pistons, super victor intake and is dry sumped. Came with all lines, tank and pump etc. I also bough an LSD 9 Inch off the same guy. Should be good for about 550hp, Have started taking it apart to re paint the block and check over everything, such a cool pulley setup on the front. .
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    Got the tailgate painted (nothing special I must say) and the glass reinstalled with a new rubber and plenty of goo. Sore thumbs after that effort. Drove up to Ohakune for a weekend with the Morris Enthusiasts Club (yes there was a literal Barry in attendance). First stop on Saturday was Horopito. Last time I was there I didn't have this car, so wasn't looking for BMC Farina models. This time was different. Found a (shagged) wagon And others Grabbed a right rear door interior panel off this one, as I didn't have one at all. It's not quite a match, but better than nothing. We also visited the Chateau, and Te Porere Redoubt on that side of the mountain. Sunday we stopped at the Tangiwai memorial which has been upgraded quite a bit since last year. Turned off the main highway at the railway crossing near Tangiwai and headed down the Turakina Valley. Mostly dirt roads down this way. Stopped for a cup of tea, and then lunch on this route. Also at a waterfall. Exited the back roads at Hunterville and headed home via P North. Took quite a while to wash the mud out from under the car (first wash since Nats I think) Weather was actually quite good (especially compared to the forecast) so didn't get to test the water-tightness of the duct-taped front screen seal. That will be the next bit to be worked on I think.
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    Back in 2015 dad and I took a road trip to Gisborne to pick up a Mk2 escort estate after buying it for $450. Put it on a trailer behind the Accord and made a 12 hour road trip home. This is the next morning after giving it a decent water blast and getting rid of the cockroach infestation that was living in it. The car came with no motor, a gearbox hanging from the rear engine mount, a fart cannon exhaust, little to no interior bar the headlining and dash cluster, steering wheel, column and pedal boxes, full glass, escort steelies all round, plus some other crap in boxes in the tray area. The plan at this point was to put a 2l pinto in it and a type 9 box. I very optimistically (read: naively) hoped to have it running in time to drive it as a daily once I got my restricted (six months later). A couple of years earlier I was given a 205 block pinto of unknown history from an ex-workmate of my dad's with the intention at the time of putting it in a 1928 ford pickup projects that never really got off the ground. So instead it sat around on a pallet until that morning when we dropped it into the hole and bolted it up to the 4 speed that was already in the car to check clearances and see what would have to be done.You'll notice too the set of cheviot turbo mags wrapped in yu-long-dong brand 175/60/13s front and 185s rear (these will be changed to a decent set once it's on the road). The mags were given to me by another friend of my dad's as payment for him rebuilding a front cross member for his genuine Capri Perana. After dropping the motor in and standing back to have a look and fizzing about it, the door was shut and so ended day number one. Discussion here:
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    Discussion - I picked this campervan up late 2016. I took a bold risk by sending an OS member to go and see it for me and then agreeing to buy it unseen. So we flew to CHCH and got the bus to Timaru. Picked it up, so off we went. Drove it 30 mins down the road engine cut out. Good start... One overnight stay later, I check the dipstick in the morning and the oil level was super high. The guy came with his tools, fucked around doing random shit as if he didn't know what he was doing and it wouldn't start. Told him to just drain the oil for me and see how it goes. It started. So off we went. Get to petrol station, fill up, won't start. It was obvious that the battery was flat as no lights etc were coming on. Asked the petrol station lady if I could use my leads on her car and she agreed. So off we went. Luckily I'd agreed to collect an axle/diff for Kicker from Karl. So I rang him and said can I meet you at a petrol station and can you bring your jump leads? He agreed. Met him and then he jump started me.. So off we went. So for the rest of the drive back we agreed to fill up with the engine running as it was OK when it was running. Get to Picton, So close to the finish line! - Engine cuts out as soon as I pull up.. FARRKKKK SAKE. Anyway had a mobile mechanic guy come out and he gave me a new battery and put it on. So off we went. Drive it off the ferry, all good. Get to the hill just next to where I live and it was pretty obvious that the clutch was now starting to slip. What the hell have I got into I thought to myself. The van very shortly after we picked it up. Luckily I am surrounded by GC's so I got Seedy involved and he basically replaced everything that was old and shit on the engine (including new alternator and ALL the wiring for it!). He also fitted a revometer cos he was all like "Dude you're a deaf twat and you're revving it soooooo much so I'ma fit you a revometer in so you can see what you're doing". Like seriously, that's so awesome how he made the van more accessible for deaf people. There was still some hesitation on the engine wanting to rev, but it ran and started reliably so road trip around the south island for 3 weeks.. So off we went. The beginning of the trip.. One of Jokers Work of art Waterfalls Had a pretty fucking couple of days then headed towards CHCH. When bomf, no power at all. Fuck. Called AA. Guy came, Timing gears have stripped. This is where OS really shined. Never met any of these people before apart from Karl and you all made sure we got back to being on the road. Felixx came and towed us to a campsite near him/karl where we lived for the next 4 nights until the shops were open again for us to pick up parts. In that time, luckily ThreeOnThree was in the area and had organised with Karl a South Island meet where they would be destroying a triumph, but they also now focused their efforts on helping me get the timing cover, gears, and harmonic balancers off. This was harder than it should have been but everyone came through. So thank you all. Triumph being dismantled. Engine and rad Felixx clearing the rad out The pony old electric fan The engine OS south island krew. When good head comes together. Shitty Fibre gear. Went to rare spares, bent over and pulled my trousers down and said please rape me, I want the timing gears for an holden 202 in alloy. They preceded to truely butt fuck me but at least I had the timing gears at last. Got a mobile mechanic to help me finish off the job and we were back up and running.. So off we went.
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    Been doing a bit of work on the Corvair. I took it down to my brothers workshop and they've removed the rust in the floors. Its starting to look good... I got the fun job of cleaning the floor panels of any surface rust to keep the repair certifiers and vinning people happy. Now that the rust is pretty much done with sealing left to do we've been talking with the vinning people to figure out seat belts and what they want. Hopefully go with lap belts. I've been busy collecting 13" four spoke Cragar's. I've found another set; standard offset 5.5" that are in decent condition and have one more 13x7 on its way from America.
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    Here's what it looks like fresh out of the can. Horrible stuff to spray, comes out like glue and doesn't cover very well. I wish I'd used a darker/brown basecoat instead of just grey primer. Oh well! Still looks rad. Also two cans wasn't enough sp picked up a third from Takapuna Art Supplies. Looks browner/darker with the 2K Lyndar clear on it. Then came the reassembly. Easiest way to do this was to flip the bike upside down and work that way. Also gave the engine/exhaust a quick cover with silver high heat enamel. As mentioned earlier I trimmed the springs... Maybe too much. Looks ideal but rides terribly with lots of reverse rake. Will see what options AliExpress has to rectify this. That rim tuck though! Needs a final clean / chrome polish / tyre writing finishing and wiring tidy up but I'm really happy with the final look! Some of the paint isn't quite right with chips, not even coverage but the rest of the bike isn't perfect anyway. Also have to repair the cracks and paint the front guard. Here's a before/after. Finally - I need to repaint the rear swing arm chain side as the fuel tap leaks and has melted my paint. Will do this with a white engine enamel or somesuch. Anyone got other recommendations for solvent resistant spray cans? The Lyndar 2K clear was supposed to be but I might not have put enough on. Also the carb isn't right, won't idle slowly or rev smoothly. Any bike carb wizards around Auckland that can help me? Other than that super happy with how it looks - 3 years later!
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    I have just returned from an epic roadie to collect a new toy. Actually I arrived 4 minutes before midnight Sunday, but mentally it's taken til today to catch up. Awesome trip, but I am reminded that I'm not 20 anymore. Did the drive from Clevedon to Rangiora in one day with a loaded tandem. I booked a cabin on the Ferry. I highly recommend. Dragged this out of a damp rotting dirt floored cow shed from where it hasn't moved for 19 years. Back story, yarning to work colleague while on layover in LA and somehow got talking about this MG he got out of North Dakota in 1993. The conversation ended with an offer of said MG in return for a box of craft IPAs. So, big hammer to smash the brake drums, a shot of air in the cracked tyres and onto the trailer... Many hours and litres of diesel later... to wind up here That's apprentice No 3 looking very excited in my NEW SHED!!! Bought a 10 acre block with this beauty on it. Upshot, no time or money for cars because house building. Anyway, this thread is about my Fiat, so, Relevance? Picked up a 5 speed box for the Fiat on the way.
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    So I got around to compression testing this thing which didn't quite go as planned. Long story short I wasn't able to get enough juice to it (via jumper leads from a running car) so it was pretty sluggish to turn over and it wasn't cranking fast enough to build decent compression (Putting my finger over an open glow plug hole was enough to slow it down haha). Would get zero on a cylinder, then try again one same cylinder and get like 200 then try again and get zero again. One take out was that all cylinders seemed to behave the same and no obvious signs of one being worse than the others. So that said have decided to commit to chucking it in and hope for the best. Watch this space.
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    Be a good girl and wait here for awhile...
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    Well just picked up my new project a 99.9% rust free P6 V8 rover in white. list of what to do: 1) rebuild breacks 2) rewire ignition to starter 3) fix gearbox bushing (or find an SD1 5 speed) 4) take for a spin and find more bugs Discuss here:
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    Stupid update #3Thought I'd save Darrell the shit job of bolting up the front fenders as some dickhead (me) thought Stainless allen head bolts would be "cool" pointless photo. shitty photo.they do look pretty, I hope I never have to touch them again, the ones up behind the headlight buckets were pigs!Started cleaning up all the dash components, ignition switch came up awesome! love the solid old quality these old "economy" cars have. I got a new/old dip switch awhile ago, which I had also cleaned up and fitted.My original switch fucked out years ago and was replaced with a modern version which when used would make this hollow boing! sound. the lovely old one makes a very satisfying "click clack" like a small rifle being loaded. much better.had to test fit the tail lights. yeah.did a few other wee things like fitted the engine lid seal, polished up the dirty old fuel line and started to suss fitting that, also pulled the new wiring loom out of its box for the first time, would like to try and feed it through the roof before I stick the body back on the pan.
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    So the bolts were exactly were I left them. these two are getting all pally, who knows what it may lead to.... could be the start of a beautiful thang.
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    Darrell came over and gave me a hand last night, Cheers D.Progress was hampered by my dumbass misplacing the pivot bolts for the bonnet hinges. I did get the engine lid on at least.
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    I initially went out to the garage to pull the injectors out so I can get them cleaned at some point, as usual I got carried away and decided the loom needed some attention as well. The injector plugs were shit and falling apart, as was the tape holding the loom together. Only the cheapest finest aliexpress injector plugs and tesa tape will do. There is nothing like a relaxing few hours playing with wiring.... (I do actually enjoy it) @yoeddynz Very kindly loaned me his copy of the factory wiring diagram so I was able to identify which injector plug was which. I owe you a beer or three for that! You can see the general shitness of the tape and plugs there Like any barry instead of doing it properly and replacing the plug and wiring I patched it up with more wire and a few layers of heat shrink That was the state of the plugs. The mazda pins clicked nicely into the aliexpress connectors too which was good. only one needed to be cut off as the wire had a few splits in the insulation which I wanted to heat shrink Man barrel crimps are so satisfying when you get them right, from a distance you can pretend they came from the factory. After I replaced the plugs, identified the injectors and partially taped them up The worst bits of the loom have been repaired and I'm happy enough with it. Eventually I'll completely redo the loom as lots of the insulation is getting a bit hard/brittle
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    So tonight a mate of mine (same one that sold me the motor actually) came around and bought his flash TIG over. weldy weldy i wish i could weld this well. Finished pipe setup including air filter. hopefully it wont suck too much hot air, but a heat sheild may be called for. To say that i am stoked would be the under statement of the century. and its not even finished! i was going to polish the pipes, but upon seeing it all together it would be far too much bling, so my mate and i agreed that wrinkle black on the pipes and blower is the way to go, and how all the old school turbo and supercharger kits were often done.
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    Hi! As your welcome to oldschool, I'm contractually obligated to reprimand you for posting in my project thread. We operate a system of separate discussion threads for each car, to make the project threads more readable. The discussion thread for my car is here: http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21806-thousand-2150-dollar-supercars-1988-alfa-romeo-33-17qv/ Going back to your post, I think what you mean is, stop being slack and post some updates! It has been over two years! Unfortunately I have a sad update. I have killed the invisible supercar. Although it had been getting a bit sick (low compression on one cylinder, possibly using coolant), I was merrily patching it up and racing it around as always, windows down + engine braking just to listen to the exhaust crackle, the perfect andidote to a diesel company car. One night a few months ago, I was running late for band practice, Alfa loaded up with gear, sitting in a queue to turn right at the Mt Eden Village lights. It was raining and I still hadn't got through after 3 light phases. Lights go green and the idiot ahead of me in a purple Mirage Dingo is going straight through at 1kph. Before he costs me my right turn, I pull around him and floor it. Wheels spin up, turn is sharper than usual because I've pulled around the Dingo. Front end doesn't want to bite sufficiently (overinflated tyres / lowered suspension / rain / etc) even though I'm trying to pulse the brakes. Bam, outside front wheel hits the high kerb. The wheel was close enough to parallel that the rim hit and the impact buckled a suspension arm: That would be an easy fix, but enough of the impact got transferred to the chassis that I buckled the floorpan: I also bent the front chassis rail: From underneath you can see the inner and outer sections of the rail have come unstitched: http://www.axys.co.nz/ben/alfa33/crash/chassis rail bottom 1.jpg I've generally buckled the car just enough that the bonnet and front passenger door don't close nicely, the dash is pushed up in the middle and even the roof has a small ripple. Public enemy #1, Fishtail Fred, came to get me and we borrowed Cam's trailer to get the Alfa back home. It sits forlornly outside my house looking intact from a distance except for the wheel pushed back in the arch. But although I've thrown this car a lot of lifelines over the last 14 years, it's probably time to stop now. Home renovations mean I'm busy, poor and have no garage space, but the worst of the renovation work is done. Having understeered this poor car into the kerb like a complete doofus, I will probably unceremoniously offload its remains and eventually put another ridiculous vehicle on the mortgage.
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    I still have this. Been long time since last update. Engines always detonating pretty bad always did but I'm sure it's getting worse and it's over heating randomly all the time even tho new water pump and new electric fan. So plan is motor out, small block chev in, fix the rust , respray, cert, burnouts!
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