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  2. Engine out and need to tidy up the engine bay. The wiring and hoses need to be sorted out as someone and done some dodgy wiring. Also still on the hunt for another engine.
  3. Got the windows all out, took forever to get all the tacky windscreen sealnt off. The plastic trim that goes inside the rubber is shot. There was no way to save it, it was far to brittle. I will need to find some new stuff. Also got the car all masked up, and engine out
  4. Also stripped out the interior and painted the dash and roof lining. I want all the interior to be black and am going to upolster all the seats in black (well, give it a go) .
  5. So just been doing more panel work and a few rust cuts. Replaced both rear quarter bottoms and welded up then holes where the flares were bolted in. Also replaced the boot lip , where the rubber clips on. Rest of the body is reasonable straight, but rear qauters have a few dents.
  6. Heater works sweet now. We have been using this relentlessly for weekends and day trips, fuck it is sweet. It is warm, comfortable and spacious for the four of us. I did build a new dismantlable bed at the front, the fold down side one was a pain, and now we use that area for clothes/thermette storage. This works a lot better on all counts. I added some LED lighting strip. This is under the gutter and is completely invisible until you turn it on, then it is like the sun has come up, that is if the sun was a spectral type O and a long thin shape. I got a flat, so I decided to smash some matty B on there while the wheels were off, looks sweet I reckon. COF due this week, hopefully nothing major has gone wrong. The dude at the testing station said he was looking forward to seeing the finished build, so hopefully he is the one who checks it as we already have a special relationship. I got this off a dude for a ridiculously small amount of money, it is an Eberspacher D1LC diesel heater. The current version of these sells for around 2k as a kit, and I am way too tight to spend that sort of money, trust me it was cheap. It has no glow plug so that is coming from the UK, when i am satisfied it will run I will install the beast.
  7. Tank now fully attached. Two pairs of tabs front and rear, split so one is welded to frame and the other to the tank. This way I can unbolt the tank if I so choose. Kj
  8. Success! (ish) Flat50acres is now merely a flatspot. The rest must be down to fuelling. Put the timing light on it, idle set at 10 BTDC. Drives well, idle is a bit crap. I've spotted a rebuild kit for low $ on Ebay for the Solex carb.
  9. Test drive yesterday revealed not so much a flat spot in acceleration, but more of a yawning abyss the car would fall into when throttle is applied too rapidly. I have mild whiplash as a result. Today's mission is to put all this In here Mum is in town and the kids have found a Rammstein CD and are headbanging to Du Hast in the dining room. Hilarious. Dad escapes to garage. Anyhoo, those green HT leads are original 1973 Cavis items. I got another box from Germany with rotor, condensor, points, and leads. Essentially shipped for free with the wheel bearings and brake stuff I was getting anyway. All parts were very cheap. Unfortunately I broke this while undoing, it's the insulator block in the side of the dizzy housing that keeps the points, LT, and condensor leads electrically seperate from the housing. Ideas where I can obtain another? I can still use the inside bit. New high impedance insulator manufactured from Marmite lid for the outside..complete with special offset hole. Feeling quite chuffed at achieving some Barrying. Test drive on the cards for this arvo. When I got it, the accelerator pump on the carb wasn't working so I suspected this at first for causing said abyss. It seems to be working now however, so hopefully replacement ignition components will fix it.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Picked up another set of 5 chrome rims from a toyota surf. 2 of the hankooks are totally stuffed, and the others are starting to show some cracks, so i guess they are pretty old. Might get a few miles out of the 2 decent ones. but thats not why i got them, the 5th spare is a dunlop similar to the ones i have on there now, and i needed it because i noticed this the last time i was under it woops, someone left an original 14" under there the bronze colour isnt half bad, but i like the psudo 4wd look and clearance for driving over curbs. The cert plate does sat standard rims, but i cant imagine anyone would bring it up
  12. well the seat is back from being recovered. its not the same style as the original, which is a bit shit, but its a good job, so meh, i doubt any one would notice ill take it to get a mot in another couple of day and then send all the paper work off to get a new plate for it. free tax on the bad boy too
  13. And a waaaaayyyyy over engineered gas cap. But come on, its sexy eh! Kj
  14. I found an old icecream wrapper in one of the backseat ash trays. I think it's 80s or 90s. I ripped and hacked the foam rubber mat off the firewall because I knew there was run under there. It all looks fairly simple to repair with the engine out(and the mat/stuff under the dash). Anyone got a good firewall they can cut out and send me to make patches with?
  15. perfect height as is TBH
  16. Makita the front and leave something in the boot
  17. To my knowledge all 73's got the high back seats. The car was in runout mode by then. At the moment, engine plans are restricted to new cambelt, water pump, thermostat etc. plugs, leads, points, radiator clean out and a rebuild kit for the carb. When I'm a bit more financial I'd love a 2 litre with sideys and a 5 speed, but for now it's soooo original I want to keep it as is for a while. It's a beautifully quiet motor and leaks no oil, so why mess with it...
  18. Nats Prep: Oil changed. The Warehouse currently has a special on for 4 litres of 20w50 for $15.00 each. Not fancy oil - just Caltex Havoline. Soon as I brought this I inherited many half used oils from @Mr Burns so effectively a free oil change apart from filter. Warehouse oil will be used next time. Seam sealed the rear leaking window rubber, replaced a 6x9 I blew due to not porting the boot, ported the boot with an ali trumpet, and applied some bling. @Threeonthetree sent me a Facepalm marketplace link for some wheels. 1960's Buick Riviera / Skylark etc in 5x5". They need to be restored at some point, but they had pretty much brand new tyres and some gangsta appeal. Cruised over the the shore and picked them up. Bargain at $300. Filled car up - we ready to go. Car now looks more suitably oldschool: Bigger profile, bigger width. Cruises at 100 much nicer now. Subtle lowering (Makita 'bro) after Nats. Chur.
  19. Sweet 125, are those 125T spec seats up front? Future engine plans?
  20. Managed to get a bit more done over the past week in between work and other projects. On Saturday removed the old rubber spring bushes from the good leaf springs, replacing them with nolathane bushes since the whole front end has already been done in nolathane. The rear bushes basically fell out but the fronts were in there so well they required fire so there's now a nice burnt rubber patch on the grass at the workshop! Last night I got stuck back into removing the saggy old springs to install the good ones back in, replace the shackle bushes in the rear with nolathanes and swapping out the old tired rear shocks in favour of some Monroe replacements. Finished the passengers side and decided to leave the drivers for another night, All going well I should receive my lowering blocks today and can finish and road test when I get home!
  21. Holy shit balls thats amazing. So start up soon then?
  22. Love it mate cheers for showing
  23. Ha! I was more thinking a light all alloy V6. But hell.. I dont think many piazzas come up for sale at all now. That seems fairly cheap? If its cert'd then does that mean it can be made road legal?
  24. Finished! Bit of machining porn for you!
  25. Love these old 125s. You're lucky on the rust front. Looking really nice.
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