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  2. OK I actually did some proper work this weekend. I have had these old doors sitting behind my shed for a couple of years now. They are rusty as hell but the glass is pretty tidy so I dragged them out and set about removing the useful bits. Amazingly all the bolts and screws came loose with no problems at all so no broken bolts, screws or knuckles. The glass all came out intact so I added it to the other bits of glass that I have collected up over the last couple of years and cleaned it all up. The glass is not perfect but it is a whole lot better than what is in the car so I am very happy. Big thanks to fellow AP5 freak and all-round GC @64vauxhall for helping out with some of this. The stainless trim from the old doors was also worth saving so I salvaged it all for the parts hoard
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  5. Have only made small progress as struggling to find time to work on lately, so yesterday i finally got the seat mount officially fnished up, i had to cut abit of the tank just to make everything fit nicely but i think it looks better than i thought i could do so im happy, Next is mounting the rear gaurd. Cheers guys
  6. She tows hard for what she is Got my pick of an 83 going to scrap Better dash, just 2 cracks rather than it being all split, plus it's a lovely tan Owners manuals Complete gen 1 tray, a "little" rusty but within the realm of me repairing it. Bottom of the tailgate is the worst and a few patches around the well side bodyline seam. Might be best to get it acid dipped. Also a bunch of plastic trim and a step end tow bar/bumper.
  7. Don't try to church it up sumpsan
  8. Hey guys, small update for you. Gearbox all in and ready. Went for a quick test drive the other day and ran like a sack of crap. Took me a while but figured out it was a vacuum pipe that popped off while I was in that area. Got a new speedo cable made and made the covers for my gearbox tunnel. Just put on covers for the meantime just in case I run into any issues. Put the wheels on and down on the ground. Got to take to work and put on my new exhaust. Update on that will follow.
  9. Wat Turbo manual twincam 1G dicks all over a sohc auto
  10. poor car! was so mint
  11. Had to work this morning so only half day on this: this cheeky wee shit was a recipe for wet carpet, right behind the wheel then I spotted this wheelarch becoming the engine bay
  12. Went to hamilton today to pick up this fine specimen. It's a 8.8 ford diff out of a 91-99 explorer. There are a few reasons for using this. They are cheap ish, have discs and a decent handbrake setup , lsd, 31 spline axles, same diff as a mustang so plenty of aftermarket parts available, and if you narrow one axle tube 3" and use 2 short axles it makes it just the right width and pinion offset for a valiant. I do have a 9" that I was going to use, but it has already been narrowed but not enough. New housing and axles was going to be 2k, plus rebuild the diff and get a lsd center, plus brake conversion, was probably the best part of 3.5- 4k. And yay, wheels fit over the brakes.
  13. Sweet! Will roll with that, and go to plan B if it fails later on. Thanks for your advice.
  14. The only issue I see is it not re engaging at speed after throttle off So keep twisting? Haha I mean to say, a huge cog can be fitted for super low gears on touring and mountain bike clusters. Usually you remove the smallest and repack it. Never heard of one failing. If you chave the option I would bang in some prongs/grub screws to locate the cog and assist the weld
  15. So you go for it eh?
  16. From memory there is some new Short Shocks for the front when he was planning on lowering also Shouldn't take you much at all to have it running, put the motor back in and you'll be away!
  17. Common on mountain bikes and touring bikes, bang a 100kg cyclist on a 170mm crank and you have some decent torque. The drive dogs are pretty strong the only issue is them not reengaging when you throttle off. You may even flush the grease out and just use oil instead
  18. Any reason why this won't work? The hub still free wheels, is this good or a bad idea? I haven't welded it to the other sprockets yet, but that should hold it fine. More concerned about the strength of the two dogs that lock the hub up when torque is applied. Maybe I'm just over thinking everything now?
  19. It's been ages since I've really done anything towards this so I decided to start tearing down the L28 that I have. When I got this I knew the bottom end wasn't good but the head should be fine. Feels like there is some mild port work done and I'm told the cam is quite big. I just wanted to put these on so I could make doort noises. From memory there was a bearing problem but as it looks like it was sitting around for a while partially assembled before I got it I'll need to take it somewhere to be inventoried and see exactly which parts are there, which are not and what can be reused. Might be easier to just get another block and put the head on. Also managed to find some OEM castor arms and some urethane bushes to replace the bent one on the car which will come in the next container. Things are happening.. slowly. Yarns:
  20. Started up the old girl the other day. She's running like absolute shit. It's hesitation too go over 60KPH, and the rough running is leading me too a gummed up carburetor. Put some CRC carb cleaner through it, and it helped, but not too much. I'll pull it off soon, maybe before I do the engine work, as I want too drive it more before I take the engine apart. Other than that, everything in Stellar land is good.
  21. This is the most racecar looking piece I have ever made.. When the car was last together (quite some time ago now) the throttle pedal feel was terrible. I tried different cables and spring rates etc but always felt like it should have been better..maybe I'm just used to more modern things....I dunno. So the goal here was to reduce the cable length significantly- the snake will now come through the firewall and start directly behind the carb rather than above the gas pedal. I was going to use an aluminium or stainless tube but then found a carbon tube cheap on AE. I bought bearings from AE too- the housings are self aligning and they are CHEAP. Next I measured up the factory gas pedal assembly, copied it's basic geometry, made some quick drawings and had these cut. And bent the pedal pad Then this morning I took some aluminium And made these ends up in aluminium. they have lots of drilled and tapped holes for mounting the arms. And here it is together with the ends pressed in. It looks totally badass and is pretty cool to hold and play with as it's SOOOOO light and rigid....a shame it will never be seen haha. The pad will be welded on when it's bolted into car and I know that angles etc are right.
  22. Twin carbs is a long way off at this stage. I'm planning on keeping this car for a long time, so there's no rush. In the interim I'll try and get it running right as stock so I can concentrate on getting it road legal, iron out the bugs, enjoy driving it and then start throwing money at frivolities like wheels, carbs, steering wheel etc. We're building a house later this year so both time and money will be scarce... good news though, the land comes with a 135sq m shed...
  23. Hey I had problems with the rear brakes on my AP5 a couple of years back. After pulling nearly every part of the brake system apart I found that the rear brake hose was the problem so this could indeed be the issue with yours. When I removed the hose from the car I couldn't even blow air through it. My rear brakes were sticking on and would release if you let the car sit for a while.
  24. Suck mother fucken cess. Have enough oil pressure now at hot idle that it should maintain enough pressure to keep things lubed. Not over whelming amounts but enough. Also forgot how fucken so much better this wagon is with the 2.8 in to. Can actually pull out at round abouts with out the fear of being t boned and can pull speed up hills. Much love. So happy. On to the next car mission I think.
  25. Got the misso doing the front wheel bearings. think the drivers side has gone due to the caliper constantly pressing on it. ive free'd up the piston and regreased the slider pins so hopefully that sorts it. plugs and pins turned so I can get started on the wiring over the next week, hopefully smash lots out next weekend
  26. So yeah cars been sitting tucked away in the shed for a while now. We get a good view from the toilet in the garage. But now I have my mates skyline out of the shed it was time to rearrange the shed a bit more and get it ready for the photo shoot tomorrow. Can't even get it out of the bloody shed. Beached as bro. Ahh well give it a big wash. Make sure it goes and top it up full of fluids get it ready. Do a skid and brake it. Keep posted for more cool photos to come.
  27. Well it fits nicely in my shed at home that's for sure. It's up on dollies so il be able to move it around a lot more and just be able to push one car out and work on this one a bit more. Will pick up my grill and headlights from mum's place and put them on also. Make it look like more of a complete car. Also mate had problems with the rear brakes not retracting and he came across some stuff on Google regarding the back hose locking up so il but some new rear hoses and put them on. Also find all the wheel trims also. Cutting discs aquiered. Need to get gas bottle asap
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