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  2. Nah, going to get a pair of 245-50-14's (the only size Eagers are still made in) and fit them to the front then move the 2 front GR-60-14's to the rear and keep 1 spare GR-60--14 in stock for just in case. (eventually I'll put the GR-60-14's on the 9" rims) Still waiting to hear if insurance is going to pay for a pair or if I'm going to need to pay for 1. Hopefully they pay for the pair because it's considered impossible to match them.
  3. Sweet as I'll pm you; also I have a mate who bought the black manual ms110 for parts and manualising his ms112; he needs to change his ms112 from a footbrake to a handbrake; you've done this right? What's involved?
  4. Think someone's working on a k20 to W series bellhousing adaptor. could get some yota in there too
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  6. Drillport it m9
  7. Did you manage to find another tyre the same?
  8. Ow man, to have access to those tools you have, and be able to use them like you. dash is coming out sweet.
  9. Found a taillight it seems (see Clints reply above) tyres look to be sortable and the mirror is the next sticking point.
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  11. So the bug made it into the pc mag. Cheers to @Snoozin for the great pics. Here are better pics with out the mag Again rolling shots are the tits You can really see how poo brown my interior is here. Go buy yourself a copy today.
  12. One step ahead of you. I took the motor out iof ness accord
  13. Nah, throw away that horrible rotary engine, they were never any good anyway. Take one out of your hondas and have an RXVTEC
  14. Oh. I did forget. You'd need an adapter plate for the trans to engine.
  15. When I did a budget rebuild (only soft seal replacements and a good clean and measure up) on mine years ago I used the factory service manual, it ran and got abused ALOT so can't complain. You know it's legit if it says you can use out of spec apex seals as long as you use old apex seal springs so it doesn't push them up too far (which is what I did as I was poor lewl)
  16. Holy lols, had a double take at the thread title Didn't remember buying a van lol
  17. Open this is a new tab for full size.
  18. Can't sleep and I found this Will be some bedtime reading/so I can find it later
  19. Got a up close pic of the light? Sounds like something that could be found in an old nail box on some barrys table of junk at Vegas swapmeat
  20. Sensor for what? The vn th700 is hydraulic. Only wiring they have is for the lockup clutch solenoid. And thats easy to wire up a loom to operate. You will need a trans cooler. And linkage setup for the throttle pressure cable and a shifter (cable shifter will give you the flexibility for position you need)- b&m, hurst, lokar etc.
  21. The issue I have with the gear box choices is that I can't go for a normal manual as it's column shift. I've read that there are Toyota ones that bolt straight on without with but wouldn't be able to change gear lol. How feasible would it actually be to put an auto in. I'm not sure how autos actually work but don't they need a sensor and wiring etc which I won't have?
  22. Need to go to Kmart and buy some sex toys/ massage things, they work well. Go get an appointment with Dr Spenno.
  23. That'd be awesome. I'll need to visit a copy place and take a copy of this and the wiring one
  24. Not really an update but thought id share a pic of what the levers look like on the bike. I think they makes the bars look alot cleaner, and now i just need new grips and some kind of mirror to finish them off
  25. I have a Haynes FC manual that has plenty of stock rebuild specs/info if you would like to borrow? PM me
  26. Oh does anyone have recommendations/sources for info /specs before I get on google
  27. It was just going over seals etc. I'll need to work out how to measure everything next to figure out if it is in spec. I'll pull It apart one day and see how fucked everything is Yeah I can see how the costs add up quickly.
  28. Thee weight won't be the issue. Its the fact it has the aerodynamics of a brick. To get moving you need ratio and hp. Lacking hp (read stock 202) you need ratio. So low diff ratio (3.7-4.11 etc) issue then is high rpm at 100kph. How do you comprise? You dont. You go overdrive. Its why we fitted a th700 4spd auto. Has a lower 1st gear than the 3spd auto and it also has overdrive and a lockup clutch. Which helps heaps. If you're gonna stay manual then a vh/vk 5spd or celica/supra 5spd manual would be the go. We went auto as it was easier to set up for shifter etc. And anyone can drive an auto. Plus holiday laziness.
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