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  2. ok, cleaned up all the wiring, replaced the lighting relay, and the indicator relay, led indicators got added to front and back, the rear light has them built in, but they were a little to close together for my liking, old front ones were shit, so got replaced as well, have added waterproof plugs for the new digital speedo thats on the way from the fatherland. so that'll just be a matter of adding the plugs to the speedo loom and she'll be plug and play. had to also replace the ignition switch, from last time some little chavy prick tried to steal it ummm balanced the carbs, need to order a front brake switch, hobble together some sort of front mud guard, and she'll be good to go for a mot (wof) i think ill go for a fang tomorrow and do a oil and filter change, i also have a leaking final drive, so that'll have to be fixed at some point glory shots
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  4. Damn its looking good. Piazzas... I always used to see them only as parts bins for Chevettes and sadly that's the way many have gone. Now I see yours and think 'wow.. I'd like one of them' With a V6..
  5. soo with the exhaust and rust done the next thing on the job was the tyres which started with 4 new kumho's got some mad camber going on And while i did the tires A magic wof inspection sheet and label appeared on my dash nothing was wrong i guess... so with a wof and rego now she gets used a bit Not just a show pony mayte 1 ton load of topsoil still pulls hard for what it is probably because the trailer is the same year as the car with the same color combo
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  7. And you call yourself a rotary owner. ....
  8. Nope nope nope nope. Nope.
  9. Over the weekend the ears on the diffhead got cut down to create some clearance. On a sedan diff they have a big hole for the suspension arms so no structural. I started cleaning up and painting to get rid of the lovely yellow. I ran out of best quality VHT black so no photos until I get some more and it is one colour. The brake booster got cleaned up as well and is very pretty in copper coat primer. Ordered a new flexible brake line for the diff and will make up new hard lines before it goes under the car. Also ordered a Willwood distribution block/proportioning valve from summit racing. I had grabbed the bonnet and one front guard from the panel beaters. I was playing around with how low I could go and still get full steering lock. Here the tire is about 15mm under the guard and goes lock to lock with no touching.When the car gets a wheel alignment it will be set up with a bit of negative camber so tilting the wheel in a bit will make more space. To quote the great philosopher Aaron Kaufmann of Fast and Loud, lower the altitude, raise the attitude. Once the diff is back under it will play round with the ride height, ground clearance will be the limiting factor I think.
  10. Sounds wild!
  11. Haha this popped up non my YouTube recommend videos According to that this one is a minter. Here missed a vital test though. Will it do a skid
  12. Couldnt find any of my old photos, used to have heaps, but this was nearly 13 years ago (Im 26 now)... Been lost through the few PC's over the years I guess. I dug it out of storage though, exhaust and other bits and pieces have some surface rust on it. TS Reed Cases, 2mm stroker crank, ESP ported cylinder head with the combustion chamber re-machined, Tillotson carb, ADA S1 pipe. Frame has a 3mm fender fully welded... as you know they break off after time. Billet wheels, rear needed a beadlock from memory, as the rubber would begin to expand and seperate from the wheel which felt pretty dodgy at high speed.
  13. Checker plate. Where. The. Fuck. Is. The. Checker. Plate.
  14. Cooley. Swapped seat over after work. Was a tad gay on my own. But done. Feels heaps better driving around, not so big and gay. Plus niki got me a sweeet brown Mexican blanket for my birthday, so that will make its way in there, once some mods are made for seat belts. So yea. It is now, nats ready. Next on the list, getting the van ready for camping duties, which pretty much just means, clear out crap not needed for the weekend lol. Fantastic.
  15. Would love to see some pics please. I have some reed valves off another two stroke, when time allows I will have a go at milling something up for this motor.
  16. I built a few Go-Peds back when I was 11-13, still have one. Ill see if I can dig up some old pictures of it. Got Trevor Simpson reed cases, ported, 14:1 compression, ran it on methanol for a little while but too much up keep for a toy. It was pretty quick, would rev out to 19-20k rpm, I could be hooning down the foot path on a main road passing cars doing 50-55kph...
  17. You spelt drill port wrong man. We got it starting nicely Saturday and on Sunday we had to kill the fuel pump to get it to start. As per the video
  18. Its at Fisher and Paykel PML. Not sure of the exact machines but they have some pretty amazing gear. The last photos are on a 4 axis to do the angled cam and exhaust faces + valve guides etc. They can do some seriously good work!
  19. The factory ECU's are shit and the were sooooooooooooooooooooo bad at flooding (from new) they had to make serious changes for the S5. I approve of the mega squirt monster J-Port turbo idea.
  20. some real serious machining gear there - where is that/what type of gear is it?
  21. just another week with a pinto back in my life. fitted a 10" electric fan i had sitting in the garage wired up to a switch for now (must be getting wise in my old age...even used a relay and no twisty twisty tappy tappy )till the thermo fan controller thingy turns up. gets nice and hot now and defrosts the window within minutes not days. also the battery light use to stay on for a while and the battary didnt charge the i pulled the alternator off and is seen better day the old man had a new high amp sierra one sitting that use to be an extra one on his camper so i used that and the engine bay is so nice and quiet now....and battery light goes straight out.......fucking bingo...another issues sorted.
  22. Suck through styz? Gotta be a 4 barrel mate
  23. Here's another one of mine. This is a fast goped...but not as fast as the one in this build thread. In the quick and nasty YouTube clip, I'm only about half throttle as there isn't enough room to flog it. My latest one bogs at low speed, so it's pointless riding that one unless you have more room to hit the higher rpm's. Anyway, thought it would give you an idea?
  24. China IDA plz.
  25. So is the one I pulled out haha. My plans are to get it to a semi road legal state then megasquirt it. It's cool that it's factory but in reality it's a pretty primitive ecu and they are notorious for flooding in stock form. And I want to play with a megasquirt
  26. Oh man I am so envious of your car. Wish I never sold my fc. Such a great colour.
  27. Nah I will be keeping full mirror tint for as long as possible. Mirror is a style of life. Haha And Jesus I hate those louvered covers. To much bling for me. Not for this car. Maybe if I had a shiny car but probably the last thing on my to do list
  28. Well we made it to beach hop over the weekend. Started with a trip to tauranga to drop off my 1600 which I sold on Thursday at 930pm..... That's what it's going into. We continued on to whangamata. Made it there at 130am in the end. Fell into bed and was up the next day 1st thing to try get this vw running and make sure we didn't have any issues..... well turned out the radiator was just pressuring and spitting fluid everywhere from word go. So an air lock???? Bled the system a couple of times. Nope still and air lock. At this stage Sean (@oftensideways) was over giving me a hand and we decided we needed to put a bleed nipple in the top housing on the engine. Of we went to see gadget from import x. R100 off old school. We used a drill and Tap from him and got a bolt. Which was handy. Turned out I think the engine had no water in it at all. About 4 letters of water later it was fill to the brim and I was brapping around the block no problems at all. Continued to then finish off my upholstery Yay time to drink. Saturday rolled around and I was up at 8am driving the car threw town to get to the car park. Giving it a good strop and letting the thing Rev it's guts. This was fun. No loud v8s around me. Got into the line quite early which was good. Brent at doozi made me a sign board which I put info on and some photos of how the build went. I had a mate A Aron and his wife come for a ride threw the main parade. Was so cool driving it thew. We had heaps of people ducking down to see threw the front window as I drove passed them. I also packed 2 Bags of ice right next to the radiator trying to prevent it over heating. Did a bloody great job that. Just as we got to our park the over flow just started to spit out. From there I set up camp till about 6. I had a consistent flow of people looking at it and talking to me about it It had a heaps of attention which was cool. Best beach hop so far. All in all it was so good. Also here is a top tip to cover your trumpets if it starts to rain like it did on Saturday while I was by the car. Another shot of it for why not Mate Chris runs the security over there and diverted me to let my car call down but doing that I Gave it a foot full and he really liked the sound, and here he is putting a cone up his bum to impersonate me apparently.
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