Oldschool Nationals 2014 – Grasskhana

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When you assemble a bunch of people who’re into cars, there’s always going to be conversations along the lines of: “Well XYZ car is lighter, but its got less power… So it should be quicker in the corners and faster overall” or “Well this car is a little heavier, but it’s got better brakes” Or an infinite combination of theoretical arguments that cannot be convincingly solved with words alone… No matter how many beers are lubricating the conversation.

However! Some people in this world love to discuss other types of things instead.
The implications of the moon being made of cheese; The irony of extinct Dinosaurs being pumped into the atmosphere thereby causing another extinction; Whether Jaja Binks is worse than Nickleback; Or other such completely improbable, unsolvable, and highly disputable topics.

So by comparison, I think us car people have got it lucky in that we’ve got such a hilariously fun way to lay rest to any disputes… Gymkhana!

Cones were laid out; Drivers were briefed; Stop watches primed.

The drivers split into two groups, to race on two seperate courses. Then was go time!

Silly Spencer didnt hear properly though.
We told him to bring a stop watch and a go pro, not a do bro!

Where else apart from Oldschool, do you see a gaggle of giggling girls getting giggity on grass? In an RX3, no less? Nowhere, that’s where.

Testament’s Supercharged Fiat whined more than Talkback Radio. Okay, not that much. But it sounded indisputably supercharged ones the Revs increased:

Even when sitting still, this car looked completely awesome. Which is not to say it wasnt out there giving it death too!

The Japanese cars below had been misbehaving, so were escorted off the premises:

How much useful power, can a 400 Cubic Inch V8 put down to the ground while sliding around on grass?

Not much! In the most awesome way possible.

Snoozin’s Photography skills helped him almost make a tripod out of his car:

Joker’s late model V8 BMW is not ‘oldschool’ by any stretch of the imagination. However it was certainly amongst the front runners in the contest to get as much of the paddock airborne as possible!

The Corolla wagon sounded great, but unfortunately suffered some minor panel damage at some stage.

So. After all of the loud noises, atmospherically expelled dinosaurs, and the fields torn asunder.

Were any conclusions reached?
Which car cornered fastest?
Which had the best traction on the grass?
Is the moon really made from cheese?
Who was the winner?

For some reason I cant seem to remember any of these things… I dont think anyone can.

Which is a real pity, because it probably means we’re all going to have to do the exact same thing next year all over again.
Just to be sure.
This time though, I think we’ll finally figure it out once and for all… If not, further testing may be required.

If you feel like joining in the fun of Nationals for the 2015 year, it will be based in the Coromandel region.
It really is an excellent weekend away, with a hilarious group of people.
For more information on next years event, (It pays to apply for annual leave early, people!) click here



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